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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reviews a'plenty PART ONE

Hi Team
I've a couple of reviews I need to share.
First I need to tell you about a FANTASTIC Painting service now available here in Australia.
My good mate 'Gunner Dunbar is now taking Commissions to paint your miniatures.
I've been having miniatures painted by Dan for some time now and I can tell you that he's the most talented artist I know who is currently 'painting for profit' at a price that wont cause your Minister For War and Finances to have a meltdown.
He is talented, quick, outstanding value and his communication with you the customer is beyond anything I've experienced with other painting services.
Not only will he paint your miniatures but he will modify them and or build them.
you can see Gunner Dunbar's rates and examples of his work here:
 Here are some photos of just some of his outstanding work:

ABOVE: AB Miniatures 18mm Wurttemburg Light Infantry
BELOW: Converted AB Miniatures 18mm Bavarians. Heads swapped to create Bavarian Guard Grenadiers


ABOVE AND BELOW: Converted PERRY MINIATURES rifles to represent Richard Sharpe's men. 

I can't recommend Gunner Dunbar more highly.
I rate his standard as 'SHOWCASE'.
There is a LABLE below (Dan Dunbar) where you can see more examples of his work!
5 out of 5!

Next I'd like to make mention of a new TERRAIN supplier.
Let's face it, most of us neglect that aspect of wargaming.
For the most part we insist on having at least half decent miniatures on our tables but then we drop the ball an use shoddy terrain.
Either we cant afford the good stuff, or we lack the time and or effort / skill required to make affordable stuff.
Good news.
Now you can purchase ready made, 'Good to Go' wargames quality terrain from STANLEY'S TERRAIN
No need to assemble or paint it. Just take it out of the box it comes in and place it on the table.
No, its not a 'Museum Quality' stuff,.. but its serviceable and value for money.
Here's some samples:

I myself have purchased a Minefield and a walled field / enclosure and I'm very happy.
Highly recommended.


Phil said...

Beautiful job on the units and terrain, the faces on the first pictures are just awesome!

Paulalba said...

I've cast envious eyes over the 18mm wurtemburgers and bavarian figures dan has painted for yourself over the years 😉

Dans bavarians were the inspiration for me starting my own Bavarian army.

I wish him well!