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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meanwhile; in the Peninsular,...

Just a quick BLOG. Here are some miniatures I just finished.
Above is a Spanish "Divisional Command" base for LASALLE! the figures are sculpts from Mike Broadbent, and part of the Grenadier Productions "Liberators" range. This is a range of 18mm figures for the Wars of Liberation in South America, but work fine for my "Rag Tag" Spanish.
Below is one of my Royal Artillery Battery's. Miniatures by AB MINIATURES.

All were painted and based by me and then washed with ARMY PAINTER "Strong Shade"

My 15mm / 18mm French Line Infantry.

ABOVE: Old Glory and AB MINIATURE French Line (top) and Young Guard (bottom) Infantry painted by Reinforcements By Post (RBP). Oh, and YG Fanions by GBM Flags.
Hi All
Here are some photos of my French LINE Infantry 1812.
OKay, the Young Guard are not "Line", but I thought they deserved a showing,..
The majority seen here were either painted by Reinforcements By Post (RBP) or Fernando Enterprise (FE)
BELOW: RBP French Line advancing under fire, and the entire RBP painted Line Infantry Brigade of 6 Battalions; a mix of OG and AB minis.

BELOW: My effort at painting some French line. A mix of AB and OG miniatures. All dipped in ARMY PAINTER Strong Shade.

BELOW: The FE effort; three Line Battalions. A mix of AB and Eureka Miniatures

All are based for AGE OF EAGLES, but I can use them for my prefered rules, "LASALLE" by combining two AoE bases to make one "Lasalle" base.

ARMY PAINTER SHADE and 28mm Figures

Hi All
I've been banging on of late about ARMY PAINTER Shade. All the pictures I've shown you are of 15mm / 18mm figures. I thought I'de show you the effect you get from applying the shade to 28mm figes, including the Games workshop GIANT!

Below: A MINDEN MINIATURES mounted French Officer treated with the Strong Shade


BELOW: A very nice (and expensive) Foundry Miniatures Romano British Standard Bearer.
BELOW: Black Tree Design (left) and OLD GLORY (Right) Early German and Celt.

The same from behind now. As you can see, the Shade really brings out every fold and crease.

All miniatures were painted by me. Feel free to leave comments or ask a question.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

AB Guard Cavalry Painted with ARMY PAINTER

Hi All
Here are some more efforts with the ARMY PAINTER Strong Shade.
Two Squadrons of Italian Guard d'Honour are up first.
I used AB MINIATURES Saxon Cavalry miniatures, as I was unaware if anyone made Italian Guard d'Honour. I think FANTASSIN ("Warmodeller") now do, but at the time the AB Miniatures Saxons seemed like the best option.
BELOW: My Italian Guard d'Honour

BELOW: More Guard d'Honour.

Next is my Bavarian Garde du Corps. Again I've Used Saxon Cavalry from the AB MINIATURES stable. The General on the left (as you look), is actually a French Curassier General. The ARMY PAINTER Strong Shade really brought out the detail I think.

These Guys are 1814 Bavarians, so have switch sides and are either "Dastardly Traitors" or "Damb fine Chaps"; (depending on your point of view)
Feel free to leave a comment!
Trailape Out!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

AB Miniatures Italians: Painted with ARMY PAINTER

Above: The Grenadier Company and the Regimental Artillery.
Hi All
I thought I would add some extra units to my Lasalle French Army. I decided Italians would be a nice addition, but only had enough for three bases, (not the 4 that you need to create a Battalion as per the LASALLE rules).
I had a 4pdr gun so knocked up a "Regimental" Artillery base.
I painted them using ARMY PAINTER Strong Shade Dip.
Basicaly you just paint in the base colors (or "Block" colours), and then dip, (or "splash on" as I did) the "Shade".
I'm rather impressed with the results, as white can be a real bugger to paint.

ABOVE and BELOW: The left flank companys, Fusiliers and Voltigeurs. (I'm not sure of Italian names for these companys)

BELOW: Grenadiers, Fusiliers and Regimental Artillery.
Unfortunatly in their first game they formed square when threatened by some British "Heavies". The Brit Dragoons had a crack at them all the same and rode right over the top of them; ("Mamma Mia Luigi; did you get the number of that Bus"?!),..
Better luck next time lads!
Feel free to leave a comment..