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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Developments

Hi All
Well I've been busy of late. What seems to be consuming most of my free time is my new "Imagi-nation" (See link in the "IMAGI-NATIONS" Section).
It's become rather time consuming; what with writing up a whole nations "history", designing uniforms (see an example of the "3rd Regt of Foot at left), and also sourcing some rules to cover the period I want to set this all in (approximately 1730-1790).
As a consequence I'm awaiting the arrival of a ton of 28mm lead from Perry Miniatures in the UK, and OLD GLORY in the US. Mostly Seven Years War (7YW) and American War of Independence (AWI) types. These I'll add to the magnificent EUREKA MINIATURES "Age Of Reason" range of figures I recently obtained.
I hope to have Tricorn and Pigtail wearing troops marching resplendent across my wargame table.
On the "Napoleonic" front, I've recently sent a swag of Napoleonic British AB MINIATURES off to MCM to be painted, (hopefully I'll see some of them back before the new year). That just leaves about 200 or so 18mm Russians, Westphalians and Poles, (and still a few French) left for me to finish off.
I've also recently received my copy of "SHARP PRACTICE" from "Too Fat Lardies".
What cracking set of Skirmish Rules for the Black Powder era these are. Hand in hand with them, I've also taken delivery of some plastic 28mm figures from PERRY Miniatures and VICTRIX Miniatures. I wasn't too sure that you'd get the same quality of figure in plastic as you do in metal, but I was wrong. Both are cracking good mini's, (with the Perry's a little nicer IMHO).
I hope to get some pictures of them up on this blog soon. Anyway, 'nuf for now. Do check out my "Imagi-nation" and drop a comment if you think either of my blogs are worth the effort.