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Sunday, November 25, 2012

EUREKA! 28mm Chasseur à Cheval!

 Hi Guys
I've added some French Cavalry to my French Revolutionary War army. This time Chasseur à Cheval from EUREKA MINIATURES.
 This is only a 'Small' unit for LASALLE, (8 miniatures). I might also use them for FoG:N or even MAURICE!
 It's been so long since I've got around to base these guys I can't even recall what Regiment they are.

As usual, comments welcomed!

The 'Skins', 6th Dragoons at Waterloo: PERRY MINIATURES

 Hi All
Another update.
This is the second on my 'British' Heavy Cavalry Regiments. The first was the Scots Greys. As you can see I've added the Irish contribution to the Union Bigade, the 6th Dragoons or better known as the Inniskilling Dragoons, nicknamed 'The Skins'.
Again I've used the brilliant PERRY MINIATURES casts.
The photos were taken a such a focus you can see the faint casting lines that I should probably have filed down. Oh well.

I obtained the following details from Wikipedia:

The Charge of The Union Brigade at Waterloo
The Union Brigade was composed of three regiments of heavy cavalry, one English (The Royal Dragoons), one Scottish The Scots Greys and one Irish (the Inniskillings), hence their brigade title.
"The Union Cavalry Brigade was now ordered forward. The 6th/Inniskilling Dragoons passed through the ranks of the Royal Scots and the Black Watch, and the Royal Dragoons, further to the right, went through the 28th Foot and passed the right flank of the Royal Scots. The Greys, who had been in a theoretical reserve position, according to W. A. Thorburn, late curator at the National War Museum of Scotland, "moved straight to their front, which took them through the ranks of the Gordons. The head of the French Division was now only 20 yards away and the Greys simply walked into the 1st/45th Infantry of the Line. There was no gallop and no charge." It is clear from the French report that they did not expect to see British cavalry materializing through the ranks of the British infantry. When the cavalry hit them, the 45th were in the act of forming line, and their 1st battalion was at once thrown into violent confusion, already shaken by the fire of the 92nd. The regimental eagles were carried by the 1st battalion of all French infantry regiments, and in a few minutes the Greys were in the midst of the battalion, at which stage Sergeant Charles Ewart of Captain Vernor's troop captured the eagle of the 45th. He was ordered to take it to the rear, which he reluctantly did, but sat on his horse for sometime watching the engagement before finally setting off for Brussels with his trophy. The rest of the French columns believed what they saw could only be an advance guard, and were now under the mistaken impression that they were being attacked by large numbers of cavalry. The Royal Dragoons and 6th/Inniskilling Dragoons charged Donzelot's Division and the Eagle of the 105th Regiment was taken by the Royal Dragoons. These were the only two Eagles captured during the entire Waterloo campaign. At this point the divisions of Marcognet and Donzelot were not completely shaken, although contrary to romantic legend, the Union Brigade did not, and could not, defeat at Army Corps of some 16,900 infantry on their own. Having carried out a highly successful defensive action in support of infantry, the Union Brigade lost all cohesion and refused to recognize or hear any orders. The Greys were given the recall several times but were so out of hand that no notice was taken. Instead they went off on a wild rampage down the interval between the French Divisions, NOT through the troops themselves; many Greys were shot by the surprised and somewhat bewildered rear French battalions, who were still advancing, unaware of the confusion on their own front, or of the defeat of their leading brigade. In fact, the French infantry, expecting what they thought must be the main cavalry attack (by their own massive standards), finally brought themselves to halt, made an effort to form to receive Cavalry, and finally fell back in considerable confusion."      (the Scabbard, Journal of the Military Miniature Society of Illinois, 1998)

 BELOW: I particularly like the Sergeant on the extreme left of the rear rank leaning forward in the saddle. Obviously keen to ensure the 'Dressing' is maintained. Good Man!

I actually prefer this Regiment to the Scots Greys myself.
I'll be using these chaps for playing LASALLE and FoG:N
 BELOW: The 'Skins' charging the French 1st Regiment of Cuirassiers. Bound to end in tears for someone.
 Uniform details can be found HERE
As usual, comments welcomed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Cuirassiers!

 ABOVE: "CHARGE"! The command element of the 7th Cuirassiers.
I've uploaded some more photos of my two Regiments of Cuirassiers I've based thus far.
the 1st (a 6 base 'Large' unit) and the 7th, (a 'Small unit of 4 bases).
I'll use these lads for gaming  LASALLE, but they can also be used for FoG:N.
 ABOVE: "Merde"! The 1st take some cannister fire. Ouch!
BELOW: The 7th Regiment with  Lt General Edouard Jean Baptiste MILHAUD leading.
 BELOW: The command base for the 1st Regiment, also know in 1815 as 'Cuirassiers du Roi'
Both Regiments were from the IVème Corps de Cavalerie - 13ème Division de Cavalerie in 1815 but the 1st was in the 1st Brigade and the 7th was in the 2nd Brigade.
 Above and Below:  Both Regiments mass for the charge.

All are PERRY Miniatures. Some plastics and some metal.
Comments Welcomed.

Romano-British Characters

 Hi All
I recently uploaded a photo of a Romano-British Lord for my Dux Britanniarum Romano-British Force. I've had a few request to see more of the fellow, so here are three more photos with a 'Leader' I'm also adding to the force. Both or FOUNDRY miniatures.

I've started playing in a Campaign using Saxons agains Stan, but I thought I'd start building A Romano-British (or 'Arthurian') force of my own.
As usual, comments are welcomed.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cuirassiers at Waterloo

 Hi Guys
Not quite finished, but here are some photos of my 1st and 7th Regiments of French Cuirassiers. All PERRY MINIATURES. They are a mix of their PLASTIC and METAL Cuirassiers.
Marshal Ney is pictured with them leading them forward.
I still need to add the carbines to a few and touch up some of the Officers.
These are all part of my 'Waterloo Project'.
Comments welcomed.
 ABOVE and BELOW: A 'cloudburst' of Cavalry! HUZZAH!

Scots Greys!

 Hi All
I've finally finished basing my PERRY MINIATURES Scots Greys.
I know this Regiment wore covers over their caps at Waterloo, but I wish the Perry's had sculpt them with covers off. They would look so much cooler I think.
All the same, they are nice miniatures and up to the Perry's usual very high standards.
I'm not to happy with my effort at painting a Regiment of Grey horses, but they will just have to do 'cause there is no way I'm repainting them.

 ABOVE: A poor dead French infantryman gets trampled under hoof.
BELOW: Bugler and Officer.

I will be using these guys to play both LASALLE and FoG:N.
The bases are 50mm square.
Comments most welcomed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Royal Artillery Officer and a Romano-British Lord.

ABOVE: "I say, double shot lads! Boney is coming on in the usual manner"!!!
 Hi Guys
I've finish two 'Characters'. The first is a Royal artillery Officer for my Napoleonic British army for 1815. He's one of three mounted officers from PERRY MINIATURES 'Battery Commander's' set.
 I'll use this chap for LASALLE, FoG:N and SHARP PRACTICE games.
 As you can see the PERRY's have produced another cracking good miniature here.

 The other fellow is a Romano-British 'Lord' I'll be using in my Dux Britanniarium 'British' force.
I think he's either a Gripping Beast miniature or maybe a ESSEX miniature. Not sure,... He is nice though and just right for the period. I painted both using the Army Painter method with a bit of 'extra love' to bring out a bit more detail.
Dux Britanniarium is a new set of rules from the chaps at Too Fat Lardies and an excellent set of Skirmish rules they are. I HIGHLY recommend them. I've played two games thus far. One was a practice game and the second one is the first game in a 'campaign' I'm playing with my usual gaming buddy, Stan.
I'm playing the Saxon's, which I'm finding quite the challange. Roman 'Shieldwalls' are well hard.

Comments welcomed.

Marshal Ney at Waterloo

 Hi Guys
3rd post today.
This time my "Marshal Ney and ADCs".
Again, PERRY MINIATURES, Ney and staff mounted at the gallop (includes Marshal Ney, ADC Colonel Heymes and ADC Levavasseur).
BELOW: Marshal Ney and one of his ADC, Colonel Heymes.

 BELOW: Our intrepid three heading off towards the British, German and Dutch Belgian squares!

 Above and Below: ADC Levavasseur.
Comments welcomed.

Dutch Belgian Casualties

 Hi Guys
Two posts in one day.
More Dutch Belgians. This time 'Casualty' or 'Disruption' Markers.
I'll need these for playing 'LASALLE', though I could also use them for playing FoG:N.
 Above and Below: "Well I guess he won't be using his ammunition, so I might as well help myself".

 BELOW: Cavalry casualties.
Comments Welcomed.