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Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Releases from AB and EUREKA

ABOVE: A EUREKA MINIATURES French Chasseur a Cheval Trumpeter!

ABOVE: Two shots of 28mm Chasseurs a Cheval from EUREKA.
Hi All.
I 've just got back from a visit to EUREKA MINIATURES and thought I'd show you what's been recently produced by Nic's team.

First; some very nice 28mm French Chasseurs a Cheval. I purchased the Troopers in the "Long" tailed coat, but you can purchase these French Light Cavalry in Short Tails and in the Waist hugging "Hussar Style" jacket. Also available are Troopers wearing the "Tarlton" style helmet rather than Shako.
Another little gem is a model of the "Little Corporal", Napoleon.
These 28mm Figures from EUREKA are not yet on their web site, so no ordering codes yet,..
Another FANTASTIC (and long awaited?) release is French Dragoon and Cuirassier casualties; (4 of each type). These are AB Miniatures 18mm figures. I understand that these will be followed by the French "Light" cavalry types. The horses, (again, 4 different horses in various poses), are the same for both Cuirassiers and Dragoons. These will be very useful for my prefered rules; LASALLE. I do wish there was some models of troopers still "in the saddle" either falling off "hit" or maybe on the horse as it's crashing down.
BELOW: CUIRASSIER Casualties, (sorry for the blurry pics)

BELOW: The dead and wounded DRAGOONS.