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Monday, September 12, 2016

Battlefield Accessories, All At Sea (and up the river)

Hi Team
Battlefield Accessories (BA) has been a favourite producer of Wargames terrain and models of mine for some time.
The team there have produced some outstanding models in the past and recently have been going from strength to strength.
No so long ago I approached Michael at BA to produce a ACW ironclad of the CSS Virginia type to use in some ACW scenarios I've been planning.
After all the River Fleets played a big part in that conflict.
BA has produced not 1 but 2 models for that conflict, namely an Ironclad, (City Class) and a steamer.
Now they have produced a ship for the Ancient period,...
I recently obtained a fantastic new kit from Battlefield Accessories!
Their very swish Roman Quiqureme galley!

The model can be purchased as a small or large kit.
The smaller model consists of a fore and aft section and hull section. 
The larger kit has two hull sections and a corvus (a device used by the Romans to grapple and board enemy ships).
Both models have removable banks of oars.
This is significant as it was a major tactic of the day to shear off your enemies oars to disable them.
The kits are all made from quality materials (3mm MDF), and the parts fit together very snugly and securely.
As with all BA kits, construction is intuitive however there are videos that are available for download via YouTube. I've included the link that will lead you step by step through construction of the kit.
This is a very superior option to written or printed instructions unless you live in a cave without access to the Internet. The fact the kits are only available via the Internet seems to negate that possibility,...
I've not included any photos here of the kit I've constructed as I'm in the process of 'pimping' my model, (painting and 'adding' some extra bits like ropes and shields).
However the video bellow shows you what a magnificent kit this really is:

Whilst there I'd recommend you look at the other kits that BA have, in particular the fantastic ACW vessels!


You can always subscribe to the BA YouTube channel and get the oil on all their fantastic kits.
Here's the link to the Battlefields Accessories online Shop:

Whilst there check out this beauty,....