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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Cruel Cavalier and A Jackass Dragoon

Hi All
WOW, two posts in one day.
Recently picked these nice little models up from EUREKA MINATURES. First a ECW Officer who has had the better of a duel with an opponent. Looks like a Cavalier who's dispatched a Roundhead.

And finally, a Dragoon. Well, what else would you call him?


Napoleonic FRENCH 18mm WIPs, DONE!

BELOW: French line infantry, 1814!
Hi All
Here is some final results for the 18mm Napoleonic French I've been working on.
(See here: CLICK).
Below: French Line Infantry 1814. Most wearing their Greatcoats as the try to stem the advancing allies drives into France. They are either AB or Fantassin Miniatures. Based for 'Lassale'. Painted using the ARMY PAINTER method.

ABOVE: French 'Elites' dash forward to peper the enemy with skirmish fire. Based individually, I can use them for either 'Lasalle' as Skirmish Markers or for SHARP PRACTICE.
Below: French Curassiers under fire!
All AB Miniatures, (might be Battle Honours Miniatures).

They were a rush job, but look ok. Good enough for gaming anyway, I think.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Johnny Reb! 28mm Perry Plastics

ABOVE: Ned Armpit, Confederate patriot!
Hi All
Just the first of my Rebs for TERRIBLE SHARP SWORD, (a Sharp Practice variant for the ACW).
The Miniatures are Perry Plastics, and painted using the 'Army Painter' method.


Monday, February 14, 2011

WIP 28mm NAPOLEONICS.A French Gunner, French Gunners, and Brits who met French gunners!

ABOVE and BELOW: The results of Artillery fire, or a Big Night on the town? Perry Casualties from the British Line Infantry Plastics box set.
I thought I'd share some pics of Works In Progress, (WIP).
BELOW: The Eureka Miniatures 28mm Napoleon. A nice simple sculpt of the great Gunner himself. Not actually a WIP, (he's finished)
Could It be that the model is based on this painting?
BELOW: The Emperor from behind.

Here we have some of EUREKA's excellent 28mm Revolutionary War French Artillerymen.They just need to be based and have their Piece (8 Pounder) provided.

As usual, I painted the miniatures using the 'Army Painter' method.
I'll base these guys for use with both 'LASALLE' and 'SHARP PRACTICE' rules.

28mm French Naval Artillery, 1813. 2nd Regt

I've always wanted to created this Regiment in miniature. Ever since reading about them and their 3 sister Regiments in Francois-Guy HOUURTOULLE's 'Soldiers and Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars'. Being a Gunner myself, any Artillery Regiment holds my interest. Naval Artillery and deployed as Infantry was just too tempting,...
I used Mainly PERRY miniatures. Most are Flank Company figures from the Plastics Box Set, but there are also some 3rd/4th Regt Imperial Guard from the Perry's 1815 Campaign Set. There are also some VICTRIX Old Guard figs with Bearskin wearing heads replaced with Shako wearing heads from the Line infantry box set.
BELOW: A Battalion from the 2nd Regt advances!

I attempted some 'modifications' by adding 'rips' to some trousers and coats with 'greenstuff'. Below is a Gunner from the Regiment with a 'greenstuff' rip in his trouser knee.

BELOW: Another 'greenstuff' mod. This time the young officer with 'tatty trousers'.

BELOW: The Battalion from behind.

BELOW: Skirmishers! The two gunners in Greatcoats are from the VICTRIX OLD GUARD set with heads wearing shakos from the VICTRIX Line Infantry set.

I've based them for both 'LASALLE' and 'SHARP PRACTICE', (two cracking good rule sets IMHO).
I painted them using the 'ARMY PAINTER' method, (block colours, dip, and spray).
All I need do to finish the unit off is get my hands on a Flag to go with the Eagle.
So who make a Naval Artillery flag?
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1814 French in 18mm. WIP

ABOVE: French Infantry in Greatcoats. Year? 1814!
Hi All
Here are some photos of some 18mm French miniatures I'm working on. Almost done. Just flocking of the bases and flags to be added. Miniatures are a mix of AB miniatures and FANTASSIN Miniatures. All were painted using the 'ARMY PAINTER' method, (as explained elsewhere on my blog).
BELOW: The Battalion with Skirmishers deployed. All based for my perfered rules, 'LASALLE'.

BELOW: The battalion in Attack Column!

I really like my troops in Greatcoats. Easy to paint and they look like seasoned campaigners to-boot,..
BELOW & BOTTOM: The Cuirassiers under fire!

Above and below are my Cuirassiers, (another WIP).
I didn't have enough miniatures for a full unit, so I tossed in some casualties and created a Regt 'under fire'.

All are AB Miniatures.
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Trailape Out!