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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My 'SAGA' erm, saga begins!

ABOVE: My copy of SAGA, and
BELOW: Some of the BTD miniatures I purchased over a decade ago finally look like they will have some play.
Hi All
So what do you do with 100+ 28mm Dark Age Miniatures you find in an Army trunk hidden at the back of your garage?
You purchase a copy of SAGA from EUREKA MINIATURES, (or your LFGS) and start painting.
BELOW: Some of the 100+ BLACK TREE DESIGN miniatures I purchased in 2000. 11 years later and they final get a lick of paint!


I want these guys painted up as quickly as posible, and they are rather simple miniatures. Either tunics or chainmail essentially. So I'll use the ARMY PAINTER method.
For the 'Levy' and 'Warriors' in tunics I'll use the base colours of Navy Blue, Desert Sand, Army Green and Black from the ARMY PAINTER range, and a simple Flat Grey I purchased from my local hardwear store.

For my  'Hearthguard' I'll try initially to undercoat using the AP 'Chainmail'. I find it hard to think of a metallic / silver colour being any good as a base coat, but I'll try it on a sample of 8 figures and see how it pans out.
I also purchased the 'BEOWULF' collection of miniatures from EUREKA MINIATURES, so these guys will become my 'WARLORD' and (elite) 'Hearthguard' I'll add photos of these outstanding miniatures soon.
Oh and BTW, the Rules "SAGA" look excellent. They are skirmish rules for the Dark Age period, but I think they will be addaptable to other periods. I'm thinking of maybe the Trojan Wars,....
That's all for now.
Trailape Out!


john de terre neuve said...

I am really going to look forward on seeing how these come out.

Ray Rousell said...

Well at least you remembered they were there in the trunk!!! I've got tons of Vikings and I'd like to get the rules, but other projects need to get finished first, so I'll follow your progress instead!!

Trailape said...

Hi Guys
Thanks for the comments. You'll be pleased to know the first update is now posted.