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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sharp Practice 2 AAR

Hi Team
Played another absorbing game of SHARP PRACTICE tonight.

Jacob Heath Wakeling and I played the 'Rescue' mission.
Baron Le Pen was being held captive and the French and their Bavarian allies were tasked with busting the Baron out!
The table with the red roofed prison with the Baron within. 8 soldiers from the 69th Regt are guarding the prison under the command of a corporal (Junior Leader Minor Character)
 The Corporal and his guard. They were keen to make sure the hens were also safe,..
 12 Bavarian Jägers (allies assisting the French since all their Voltigeurs were employed elsewhere) were the first to entered the fray and immediately assaulted the guardroom. Soon they had the men from the 69th in retreat, leaving 4 dead men behind.
 However suddenly Sergeant Major Shudup of the 40th Foot appeared and ambushed the Jägers
 Retreating back into the crop of trees the Jäger return fire on Sgt Maj Shudup's skirmishers
 Soon the little crop of trees is thick with smoke from the musket fire
 It's getting hot in the clump of trees as the 'Fog Of War' rolls in,...
But now the French troops arrive in the wake of the Jagers! The send two men to smash in the guardroom come prison door in and rescue the Baron, 'BRAVO"!
However their escape is blocked by Colour Sergeant Bustard and 16 redcoats from the 40th Foot! The French Fusiliers fire a Volley

 Meanwhile Baron Le Pen is freed and Lt Petit Merde asks him to accompany him and his men,..
With 16 British infantry under Colour Sergeant Bustard now up supporting the skirmishers on the left, Captain Dickie Winchester leads 24 redcoats on the right to block a force of French Fusiliers and Grenadiers coming to aid Lt Petit Merde and the Baron!
 Capt Winchester's men deliver a controlled Volley into the French coming to the rescue,..
 On the left it's a tense situation as volleys and skirmish fire is traded.
 The British on the left are dishing out more hit than they are taking,...
But then it's disaster on the British left! The Colour Sergeant is wounded and then they are charged by the French and sent fleeing
The British left crumbled,.. The colour Sergeant steadies his men but is hit for a THIRD TIME and crumples into the dirt dead. 2 out of 4 leader's are down, (SGT MAJ Shudupis also now a casualty) and Captain Winchester has been wounded twice though he's still in the fight!
 On the right the British cause the French Grenadiers to rout,... but it's not enough
The British command (Officers from the Prince of Orange's personal staff) orders a withdrawal!
With two out of four of their leaders dead or routed and Captain Winchester wounded twice discretion is the order of the day,..
 The Bavarians (only 4 left from the original 12) hasten the Brits away,..
The story of the day,...
A dead Private Tommy Adkins.
Sharp Practice is really a fantastic set of Black Powder Skirmish Rules.
I highly recommend them.


Sergey Ageev said...

Good battle, looks great!

Phil said...

What a nice report, I love your atmosphere, great pictures, minis and smoke...

Paul O'G said...

Nice one Trailape! We have also started with SP2 in the FIW, pitting my stoic Redcoats, brave Colonial rangers and loyal Indian allies against the vile Frogs, miscreant Canadienes and their misinformed native friends. Its a lot of fun indeed and if you haven't got the campaign supplement yet I highly recommend it.

Captain Darling said...

Great AAR thanks for posting!
Having good figures and terrain really adds to the enjoyment of reading such posts...well done!