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Monday, August 3, 2015


Hi Guys
I've been adding a lot of 28mm (1:56th Scale) WW2 miniatures and Armour to my collection of late.
This is due to my fascination with Too Fat Lardies FANTASTIC WW2 Platoon Level rules 'Chain Of Command (CoC).
I've really been impressed with the BLITZKRIEG and JTFM range of Resin Kits as well as the rather inexpensive OLD GLORY 'Berlin Or Bust' range of WW2 Miniatures and AFVs and Guns / Vehicles which are quite servicable for those counting their pennies.
Another good 'Economical' option is the Italeri plastic kits.
The kits come with transfers, glue, a tiny dropper bottle of paint and a reasonable paint brush.
I purchased two of these 'Bread and Butter' tanks from WarTime Miniatures here in Australia for $54 plus postage (another $7.50) which is a pretty competitive price for two Main Battle Tanks.

The Kit is pretty simple and provides you with a nice Mk.IV Cromwell with the option to add a 'Bocage Plough' which is a really nice touch.
The turret is removable and the main gun moves up and down though I'll be fixing mine so it stays level rather than hanging limp in the turret.
You also get decals for either a British or Polish tank. Again very nice.
Unfortunately there is no Crew Figures, even though you can have hatches modeled 'Unbuttoned' (open).
Not a deal breaker as the PERRY'S do a nice tank crew set.
There is plenty on detail on the kit and should paint up quite nicely.
The paint, glue and brush are useful, however I discovered glue in a bottle with a brush applicator can be a dangerous thing, with me knocking a bottle over and spilling about half the contents over my workspace. Fortunately the result was simply some wasted glue but it could have been much worse.

I'll post some photos of this tank once I've painted her up.



PatG said...

Nice looking kit.

Doug said...

The aerials look to be very thick, and why would they do moulded on tools at this scale? But overall, looks the part, especially with the Cullin cutter.

My real beef with kits is why they never include any of the typical stowage seen in period photographs, so you are forced to source aftermarket parts or scratch. Would it really hurt to add a few 'flimsies', jerrycans or packs to the sprue..?


good and fair review, all you now need is the s&s models tank crew and stowage, due out soon

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