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Monday, April 6, 2015

Reviews a'plenty PART THREE!

ABOVE: LASER TOUCH markers on the Left, and TFL Markers on the Right, as modelled by Corporal Harris wearing khaki in 28mm

Hi Guys
Continuing with my reviews I thought I'd mention a new manufacturer of 'Gaming aids' here in Australia.
Laser Touch create gaming aids / 'Markers' for wargamers, and other useful things like Foam Cary Trays.
Craig is the man in charge.
I noticed he created markers for 'BOLT ACTION' so approached him about making markers for 'Chain Of Command' (CoC).
It took a while but eventually I was able to have the following markers produced:

Patrol Markers
Tactical Movement
Covering Fire

Laser Touch Produce 'CoC Token Sets' and Patrol markers (a bag of 4 'Large' Markers) with your Army / Formation's symbol.
There are plenty to chose from including:

Jap Army
Brit 8th Army
US 82nd Airborne
US 101st Airborne
German Luftwaffe (FJ), and:
US 29th Division
  just to name a few.
ABOVE: Again the Laser Touch markers are no the Left with the TFL markers on the right.
The Markers themselves are attractive, sturdy and practical.
Each token set comes with 3 each of the 'Tactical Move, Overwatch, Covering Fire and Immobilised' markers and 20 'SHOCK' (blood splatter) markers.
Each set retails for a reasonable $38.50 AUD.
PATROL MARKERS are available separately
I recommend you check Laser Touch out,...

 ABOVE: "Despite some 'shock' Lancer Corporal Jenkins maintained overwatch". 
 BELOW: "Cpl Tomkin's lads moved tactically down the village road",...
 BELOW: Various 'Wound / Shock' tokens. Top: Laser Touch Blood Splatter, Middle: Gale Force 9 I think. Bottom: TFL.

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