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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bloody Run. AAR number 6 in our LONGSTREET campaign

Hi Everyone
This is the 6th AAR in my LONGSTREET Campaign.
Stan and I fought this engagement over 3 weeks ago but due to some technical issues, (my laptop died) I've only now managed to upload the AAR.
We're now into the last battle of the year 1863.
The LONGSTREET campaign system sees 1 battle in 1863, 2 in '62, 3 in '63, 2 in '64 and one final battle in 1865.
The card decks favours the Rebs in 1861 and 1862. By 1863 the decks are evening out and the Yanks get the advantage from '64 onwards.
Obviously as the commander of the Federals I was keen to be moving into 1864.
So now we find ourselves facing the Confederates across a icy stream called 'Bloody Run' due to the rich red mud and soil of its banks.
It would soon be known as 'Bloody' Run for another reason,...


NOTE: Stan played the 'CONFUSSION' card and the men from Maine went retreating back across the run,...

After the battle the Union troops settled down on the southern bank and licked it's wounds as the Confederates withdrew south.
President Lincoln visited the Brigade two days after the battle and moved amongst the men with words of encouragement and thanks for their efforts.
In particular he praised the men from Maine, many of the officers of whom he had met before when the manned the heavy artillery around Washington D.C.
The Brigade also received reinforcements in the form of the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry.  
The Brigade now looked like this:

11th NY Fire Zouaves: Cautious Veterans (5 Bases)
1st Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment: Eager Veterans (6 Bases) HERO
The Utah Volunteers: Eager Veterans (6 Bases) 'OLD RELIABLES'
28th Massachusetts 'Irish': Seasoned Veterans (5 Bases) HERO
44th New York: Cautious Recruits (5 Bases)
146th New York: Seasoned Recruits (7 Bases)
5th New York Volunteer Infantry: Seasoned Veterans (6 Bases)

1st US Artillery: 2 x Howitzers
2nd US Artillery: 2 Light Rifles
5th US Artillery: 1 x 6 Pdr and 1 Howitzer
6th Massachusetts Artillery: 3 Light Rifles 
Major General Rawlins has 19 EPIC POINTS!


Mad Padre said...

Nice looking figures and flags. I like the use of the comic book format to tell the story - reminds me of the comic books on ACW battles sold at some National Park Service stores.
Your post makes me want to clear my gaming table and give the Longstreet rules a try.

Adrian Delves said...

Really enjoying this series; it makes me want to give it a go. Starting to look more like a division than a brigade, do the campaign rules have provision for sub commands?