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Monday, November 7, 2011

Prussians V Franco-Bavarians, 1813.

ABOVE: The French and Bavarians prepare to receive the Prussian hoards!
Hi All
A quick post with a lot of Eye Candy.
About one week ago Stan and I had yet another LASALLE battle. This time however we had a third play. Scott (a converted Warhammer 40K player) decided to have a crack at Lasalle. Consequently he was given a Brigade (BDE) on my side. A mix of Bavarians, Saxons and Baden troops, (though all given Bavarian characteristics for this game.
Stan trotted out his Prussians, (again). They were on a roll, after their last game which saw them score a win over a 'Liberation' period French Infantry Division. For this game I chose 'Liberation' period French again but with a Bavarian ally.

BELOW: The Prussians advance.
The French defenders held the right and centre, with the left flank being the Bavarian responsibility.
BELOW: French conscripts garrison the village.
I won't go into great detail, but in a nutshell, the Prussian Cavalry had a field day with the Bavarians. Scott's inexperiance lead to both of his batteries being masked by his own infantry, and leaving his infantry in line when faced by cavalry and only attempting to form square as a reaction to being charged.
BELOW: My sole Veteran unit sits on a hill supported by a battery and a battalion of conscripts.
BELOW: In the center the French race onto the hill.
In the center the French conscripts gave as good as they got, losing one battalion to Prussian bayonets, but eventually mowing down most of Bluchers boys.
BELOW: A Bavarian battalion on a hill about to be run down by vengence filled Prussian Dragoons 
BELOW: Prussian Horse Artillery fire on the Bavarian infantry. Prussian Lancers and hussars await the order to charge!
Unfortunatly for the French however, the rout of the Bavarians and the destruction of the two French Battalions on our right was too much. Another victory for the Prussians. Can anything stop the dreaded Huns?!
BELOW: Prussian Landwehr and Reserve Infantry supported by a Regular Line Battalion advancing in the center.
BELOW: The Old Coot Blucher himself makes an appaerance and inspires the boys! "VORWARTS MEIN KINDER"!
BELOW: Prussian Horse Artillery, (actually Saxon Horse Artillery who have defected! Obviosly some 'Patriotic' German Officers with an axe to grind).
BELOW: The Prussian cold steel meets french hot lead!
BELOW: A volley as seen by the Prussians!
BELOW: Bavarians about to discover that 'Line' formation isn't the best formation to try and stand against Cavalry,..
BELOW: "Once there was 4, now there is 3". Four attacking Prussian battalions are reduce to three due to French and Bavarian musketry.
BELOW: Undaunted the 3 Prussian Battalions push on and break through in the center. Unfortunatly for the the French reserves soon render them 'KAPUT".
BELOW: Content with their efforts in running rough-shod over the Bavarian flank, the Prussian Cav trot back to their own lines, seen off with some musketry and canister, (though not enought to break a single cavalry unit)!
BELOW: In the center the sole Prussian battalion finds itself surrounded, but French and Bavarian resolve breaks, and end battle ends in a Prussian victory.
Another fun game. Young Scott is now building his own LASALLE army, AUSTRIANS! After one game he's taken with historical gaming and is building an army. BRAVO!
Comments Welcomed!


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff as alway


Sgt Steiner said...

Indeed great read and inspiring stuff especially when Prussians are in action !! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice AAR. Friend and New gamer is the greatest victory.
About those Huns...maybe drop in a Old Guard battalion to "just watch" the action. Inspire the French infantry at least. Or maybe a commander of note...New, Lannes or Davout to give some direction.

Again, great action, Thank you for the report.

M aka WR

Brigadier Dundas said...

Great photo report. I really enjoy the game as well.
The French need a bit of a punch, as some have said.