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Monday, February 14, 2011

1814 French in 18mm. WIP

ABOVE: French Infantry in Greatcoats. Year? 1814!
Hi All
Here are some photos of some 18mm French miniatures I'm working on. Almost done. Just flocking of the bases and flags to be added. Miniatures are a mix of AB miniatures and FANTASSIN Miniatures. All were painted using the 'ARMY PAINTER' method, (as explained elsewhere on my blog).
BELOW: The Battalion with Skirmishers deployed. All based for my perfered rules, 'LASALLE'.

BELOW: The battalion in Attack Column!

I really like my troops in Greatcoats. Easy to paint and they look like seasoned campaigners to-boot,..
BELOW & BOTTOM: The Cuirassiers under fire!

Above and below are my Cuirassiers, (another WIP).
I didn't have enough miniatures for a full unit, so I tossed in some casualties and created a Regt 'under fire'.

All are AB Miniatures.
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Trailape Out!

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