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Sunday, December 19, 2010

One Can Never Have Too Much (GERMAN!) ARTILLERY!

ABOVE: Saxon Horse Artillery!
Hi All
Another quick post, (WOW, two in one afternoon)!
Here is some pictures of some Saxon, Bavarian and Westphalian artillery recently painted for me by my buddy Danl (of GUNNERS WARGAMING fame). I've based them for LASALLE! Miniatures are from the AB MINIATURES stable and obtained from Eureka Miniatures.
BELOW: Bavarian Foot and Horse Gunners and their "Dogs Of War"!

BELOW: Napoleon's 'Daughters' with Westphalian Gunners 'Mein Gott'!.

Being a 'Gunner' myself, I just love the Guns!
Trailape OUT!


Anonymous said...

You label to a photo currently reads "Napoleon's 'Daughters' with Westphalian Gunners 'Mien Gott'!."

Mien Gott???? - Pronounced Mean Got

Should be spelt "Mein Gott"

In German "ie" = "ee", "ei"="eye"

Trailape said...

Thanks for the spelling correction. Fixed!

Unknown said...

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