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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ancients: The ARMY PAINTER way!

Hi All
I thought I'd share some pictures of some ancients I've just knocked over using the ARMY PAINTER System of "base colours, dip and spray".

The results might not be up there with the likes of my mate Gunner Dunbar, (though that wasn't going to happen any time soon anyway); but they do produce acceptable wargaming units that won't cause me to feel embarrased when I put them on a table.
First some Romans.
(Above and Below): An OLD GLORY 28mm miniatures Caesar, from their "Caesar's Gallic Wars" range

BELOW: ESSEX Miniatures LATE Roman Cavalry

BELOW: A Foundry Miniatures Celt:

BELOW: 1st Corps Miniatures SLAVE REVOLT figures

BELOW: Some more 1st Corps miniatures

FINALLY: BIG BILLY, (named in honour of Billy Connolly)! A giant of a man. This chap is a FOUNDRY MINIATURES figure. Not the kind of fellow you'd want to bump into in a dark Gallic or British forest,..
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Donogh said...

Nice work! I will have to investigate this army painter thing.
I especially like the hodge-podge equipment of the slave revolt figures.

Trailape said...

Hi Donogh
I've added links in the text above that will take you to the ARMY PAINTER web site and the movie tutorials.
I agree, the 1st CORPS figs are excellent.

Galpy said...

Awesome you are really starting to turn out some nice figures using that army painter system.

Caliban said...

Very nice - I really like 1st Corps too. Is it my imagination, or is Big Willy really a previous incarnation of Billy Connolly? The resemblance is uncanny.


The Angry Lurker said...

Lovely stuff, nothing wrong with them.

Trailape said...

Hi Caliban
I've re-named Willy to Billy.
You're right, he does look like the big funny Scotsman,...

Unknown said...

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