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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dragoons, Cuirassiers and Carabiniers

(Left: Massed French Heavies charge the Russians)!
CHARGE! Nothing says "Napoleonic Glory" like the thunderous charge of Napoleon's "Heavies". All the miniatures are AB MINIATURES. The Heavies were painted by Model Citizen Miniatures.
Below: Carabineer Command Element, (I still have to attach standards)

Below: The Divivison Commander and Carabinieers, (1st Regiment).

Below: Div Commander and Trumpeter, (I wouldn't want to be the unfortunate infantryman laying wounded as the mass of horsemen sweep over).

Below: My Cuirassiers! They are the 2nd and 6th Regiments of 1812.

The Dragoons below are the work of FERNANDO ENTERPRISE, (FE) and REINFORCEMENTS BY POST, (RBP).
The Dragoons were the real "workhorses" (so to speak), of the French cavalry arm in my opinion.
See links to the painting services on the left.

Above and below: The French 23rd Dragoons; painted by FE.

Below: The French 7th Dragoons, Painted by RBP.

I'll upload pictures of my 1812 Italians next time. Cheers for now!


Dan said...

absolutely wonderful, great army so far

Trailape said...

Hi Dan
Thanks for the comments?
I hope to get a game in on Saturday. I'll post a battle report then. Probably French V Brits or Russians.

Giles said...

Beautiful figures and painting. Nap cavalry always looks best en masse. Thanks for the pics.