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Monday, July 6, 2009


Hi All
Here are some pictures of my AB Miniatures British Cavalry:
First off is actually some German Cavalry, (man, strayed off topic already); KGL Light Dragoons.
These guys were painted by MCM. As usual, painted to David Sinclair's usual High standards!
Next we have some Dragoons in Bicorn. I got these guys from EBAY, and they are painted by Dragon Painting Service, (DPS). I normally don't rate DPS figs as high as say MCM or Reinforcements By Post (RBP), but these guys are really nice!

The next two pictures show my MASSED British (OK, and "German" cavalry). Light Dragoons, Dragoons, and Blues and Life Guards in Helmet.

Finally, (since we're talking "Germans") at the bottom here is a picture of some 1806 Prussian Kurassiers, (Guard de Korps I think,..).

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