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Friday, July 10, 2009


Hi Guys
I poped into Eureka Miniatures today with my daughter Hayley to buy some "fantasy" type miniatures and some AB MINIATURES Spanish Command figures. Whilst there I spied some new additions to the 28mm Revolutionary French range; namely some Gunners and Guns. As to be expected from a Gunner, I couldn't resist, and bought a 4pdr and a (I think) 8 or 12Pdr, and detachments.

As you can see, they are up to the usual high standards we come to expect from EUREKA MINIATURES. I really like the casting of a young Napoleon sighting (laying) the gun by peering over the barrel, but my favorite figure is the Gunner struggling with the swabing bucket, (ah, the life of the humble gunner).
The Gunner Officer, and Gunner with his thumb over the touch hole (vent) are also very nive, with plenty of crisp detail.
Each gun comes with tools and Ammo Boxes, (one of which is "open").
These are probably amoungst the best modeled Gun Detachments and Guns I have ever seen. High praise comming from a Gunner IMHO!
I Highly Recommend these models!


Anonymous said...

Lucky b@$t@rd! I have to wait until Historicon to collect mine, a whole week away!


Trailape said...

But they are worth the wait!
The Austrians are also fantastic.

Dan said...

these are going to look great painted, almost enough to make me want to buy some, hmmmm not another project.

Trailape said...

Hi Dan
Yep, they look great. I'll build a 1806 French Corps out of these figs, based for General de Brigade I think.