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Monday, July 6, 2009

AB Miniatures WESTPHALIANS! (Part 1)

Hi All
Let's have a look at some more of my AB Miniatures! All painted by Model Citizen Miniatures:

All the figures are the excellent AB MINIATURES 18mm Figures.
These are AB Saxons painted as Westphalians, (because I'm not sure of anyone doing Westphalians in 15/18mm scale, except for ESSEX MINIATURES, or maybe Old Glory).
I don't mind the OG figs, but the ESSEX figs look like "Attack of the Gnomes"!
At top we have the Guard Foot Chasseurs, (in Green uniform), and a Line Regiment . Below we have the Guard De Korps in "Gala Uniform). These guys are actually French Carrabiniers 1812.

They say "variety is the spice of life", so to finish here is a Swiss Regiment in French service. These are from AB's "French Imperial" range!



Dan said...

Very nice Scott, what flags do you use? I am experimenting with printing my own by its hit and miss at the moment.

Trailape said...

Hi Dan
Great flags, (as long as you have a good printer); and FREE FREE FREE! Did I mention they cost nothing?
Also try:

Black Bob Craufurd said...

Those look great mate and your a victorian!! to boot

which rules set do you use?

Trailape said...

I play mainly "Age Of Eagles", (because they seem to be the most "accepted" / common). I'm interested in "Chef de Battalion" and the soon to be relaesed "Honour" system by Sam Mustafa. I also like Fast Play Grande Armee (FPGA).

Black Bob Craufurd said...

I play GDB, me a few lads do anyway, have a growing austrian army and we are starting to play at the league of aincents where little wars was held.

might see you down there one day

Trailape said...

That's is where I play on the odd occassion. I though AoE was all they played there?!?
Hope to catch up one day. Cheers