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Monday, July 13, 2009

Improved Photos of AB Light Cav!

(Above) a close up of the elites of a French Chasseur a Cheval Regiment, "Hurrah"!
Hi All
Here are some better pictures of two of my French "Light" Cavalry Regiments:
the French 8th Hussars and French Chasseurs a Cheval:

Above and below: The 8th Hussars! "BON"!

Below: Not as flash as the hussars, but the real work-horses of the French "Light" Cavalry; Chasseurs a Cheval, (this is the 11th Regt). (Personally I like the look of these fellow more so than the Hussars).
Both units painted by Model Citizen Miniatures; (see the link on the left).
Next I'll post some pictures of "foreign" Regiments in French service

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