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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wurtemburger's by AB MINIATURES

Top: IR Prinz Paul. Above: Wurtemburg Horse Artillery. Below: The Wurtemburg Brigade arrayed!
Hi All
Here are some pictures of the AB Miniatures Wurtemburgers that my mate Dan painted for me.
They will form part of my French 1812 Grand Armee.
As usual, the ABs are fantastic miniatures, and Dan was able to paint them so as to show off what excellent little sculptures they are.
Dan has pictures of them un-based on his blog, (Click Here); but I thought they deserved another run "online" now that they are based and ready for action.
Dan really is an outstanding painter, and his work is the best I've seen, ("in the flesh", in this scale). The Units are:
A Battery of Horse Artillery, (I put these on "large" Bases to best show them off),

Infantry Regt Prinz Paul,
The 1st Light Infantry Battalion, (with the Jager Battalion Konig figs also based with them), and;
The 1st and 2nd Chevauleger Regiments.
I also have some Foot Artillery, but I'm awaiting a 12 Pounder from Dan before I base the foot gunners.

The pictures don't do the figures justice.

The next post will be pictures of my Westphalian Hussars, (the 1st and 2nd Regiments).

Trailape OUT!


Dan said...

Great job on the basing Scott, these turned out pretty nice, they look a lot better based then on paddle pop sticks, what did you use for the bases? is it plywood?

Trailape said...

Hi Dan
Litko (in the USA) wood bases. Laser cut, and reasonably priced.
I use to get my bases from a supplier here in Australia, but he was unreliable,...
Result; Goodby to my patronage.

Phil said...

Great units!