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Monday, July 6, 2009

A Quick Update and Announcement!

Hi All
Just a quick update.
Tomorrow I'll post some more pictures of my 18mm AB Miniatures Napoleonics, (probably my Italians and other French Allies).
The main purpose of this short note however is to announce that my daughter Hayley (aged 10), has started her own "Fantasy Wargaming" Blog.
She painted her first unit today, and will upload pictures to her blog tomorrow.
Not historical miniatures unfortunately, "sigh"; but rather those "evil empire" Games Workshop WARHAMMER type figures. GOBLINS!
I must admit, they are nice figs, and we had fun painting them. Hayley put in all the block colours, and I "highlighted" for her.
All in all, she (we) achieved a good first effort / team effort.
You can find her blog here!
Cheers for now.

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