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Monday, July 13, 2009

Foreign Regiments and MINIFIGS!

Hi All
Here I'm posting some pictures of two foreign Regiments in my French army of 1812. But first I thought I'd show you two old MINIFIG units I first got my hands on in late 1980 / early 1990!
First a unit of Guard Chasseurs a Cheval . I have this Regiment using AB MINIATURES, but have held on to this MINIFIG unit. Not as nice as the ABs, but not to shabby either.

Next we have the Elite Gendarmes. These guys rode big black horses, and were recruited from the Departmental Gendarmes, but also drew from the Heavy cavalry regiments. The rest of the army nicknamed them the "Immortals" as in the early days they didn't participate in any combat. I would love to have this regiment using AB MINIATURES, but alas, AB dont do an Elite Gendarmes figure; "sob"

Next we have the Joseph Napoleon regiment. Recruited in Spain for service with the Emperor Napoleon, and named for his Brother Joseph, the King Of Spain, (but not for long). By all accounts, they were a rather sad excuse of a regiment.

Finally the Provisional Illyarian ("Croat") Regiment. These guys were rather tough and hardy soldiers, but didn't have much passion for fighting for "old Boney" or France. Most rule systems rate them as only 2nd rate line.

Both Infantry units were painted mainly by FERNANDO ENTERPRISE. The Voltigeurs (of both Regiments), and Mounted Officer were painted by Model Citizen Miniatures. You can find links to both painting services on the left of this page.
Oh, and "YES", I know they are carrying "EAGLES", and shouldn't, but I can't bring myself to cut them off just yet,....
The infantry are all AB MINIATURES, purchased from EUREKA MINIATURES. As stated, the Cavalry are MINIFIGS, (purchased from TIN SOLDIER in Sydney; way back when,..).


Dan said...

Hi Scott
the ABs look very good, I have a few mini fig French inf but am refusing to use them in my new French army, they just don't fit in with ABs, but these cav look OK.

Trailape said...

Hi Dan
I don't use them either. I've kept them for sentimental reasons only.