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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spanish On the Fly,..

Hi All
Here are some pictures of my Peninsular War (1808-1814) Spanish.
All are AB MINIATURES and the vast majority were painted by Reinforcements By Post, (certainly the Spanish on this page were painted by RBP).
RBP did a great job of these guys. I based them no LITKO bases, and geot the flags from WARFLAG and NAPFLAG, (free downloads). You can find links to the Flags on the left of this page.
First is the Princessa Regt. (I've use JENA PRUSSIANS as casualties, as their uniform is close enough to the early Spanish uniform for me)

Next is a "Fusilier" Regt. Not sure of the details of this unit. I wanted them painted like the ABs painted and displayed on the EUREKA MINIATURES web site.

Next is the "FERNANDO VII Regt":

Below is The "Regt des Asturies" (as named on the Liehart & Humbert uniforms web site)

I'll add more SPANISH soon.
Trailape OUT!

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