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Saturday, July 18, 2009

BRUNSWICKERS! The "other" German Allies

Hi All
I thought I'd upload some pictures of some 18mm AB MINIATURES that I've painted for a change. I painted the bulk of these chaps about 10 years ago! It was about a year ago I thoght I'd better complete the little Brigade. Originaly they were painted flat black, with little in the way of highlights. I read on TMP however that by mixing "flesh" paint with "black" you could get a nice highlight for black.
Well, the results are below:

Below is a blurt I've obtained from "Wikipedia":

The Brunswickers were awarded various nicknames by their contemporaries, including the Black Crows, the Black Legion and the Black Horde. However, although the uniforms of the individual units that comprised the corps were, as the names suggest, predominantly black, they varied in their details.

  • Infantry units wore a black pole skirt, simply trimmed and designed; either black or grey linen trousers; and black shoes with spats (usually dark grey in hue). They wore a Shako on their heads, sometimes adorned with a feather, and carried a bayonet sheath, bags for food and the like, and a form of military backpack for other essential supplies.
  • Cavalry were garbed in a black, light blue collared Dolman with black trousers designed for horse mounting and riding. Similarly to the infantry, cavalry wore a dark Shako. They carried various other leather accessories and effects suited for equestrian activities.
  • Artillerymen wore similar clothing to the cavalry: mostly black in colour with Collets and black trousers. They were additionally equipped with a standard Hussar sword should they have need to defend their guns.[10]

There are a number of speculative theories on the origin of the Brunswickers' dark and seemingly grim choice of garb. It has been suggested that black was chosen to mourn Duke Frederick William's late father; as a sign of respect for the Duke; or in mourning for the Duke's occupied homeland.

I'll soon be uploading pictures of the Wurtemburg troops that my mate Dan, (of "GUNNER'S WARGAMING" fame), has painted for me.

Truly fantastic work for "THE GUNNER"!

Trailape OUT!


Dan said...

Nice, have always loved Brunswickers, good paint job

Trailape said...

Hi Dan
You're to kind. They'll do; but not in your league.