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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grande Armee Lancers And Chasseurs A Cheval

Above: French 30th Mounted Chasseurs, (converted to a Lancer Regiment for the 1812 Campaign)
Hi All
In keeping with my current "Light Cavalry" theme, here are my Grande Armee 1812 Chasseurs a Cheval and Lancers.
All are AB Miniatures and almost all are the work of MCM Painting service, the exception being the Italian 2nd Chasseurs a Cheval, (who were painted by Fernando Enterprise).
Below: French 6th Chevauleger (Lancers).

Above: French 11th Chasseurs a Cheval

Above: French 8th Chasseurs a Cheval, (Elite Squadron)
and Below: the 2nd ITALIAN Chasseurs a Cheval

Next time I'll add pictures of my Dragoons and more Italian Cavalry.
Trailape OUT!


Anonymous said...

Very nice collection..and good to see the "minor states" getting involved!


Trailape said...

Hi Matt
Yep, I really like the Minnor German states, (amoungst others).
Often they also provide some of the more interesting, (and sometimes "better") troops.
Thanks for the comments. Nice to think some people are showing an interest in my blog.