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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2nd Nassau-Usingen Regiment and Volunteer Jager company

 Hi Guys
I finally got around to adding a Flag to my 2nd Nassau-Usingen Regiment that my good friend 'Gunner Dunbar' painted for me a few months ago. They are the excellent PERRY MINIATURES and I think you'll agree they are excellent sculpts. 
I've based these guys for LASALLE, though they would also do nicely for FoG:N.

 ABOVE: The Grenadier Company:
BELOW: A wounded Officer alerts his men to some enemy. Are they Cavalry?
Or is he saying, "Oi, is that my boot over there"?
 BEOW: A poor unfortunate comes a cropper.
 BELOW: The Voltigeurs advancing, high porte.
After these guys arrived I attempted to paint the Volunteer Jager company myself. I tried to match Danl's style as best I could but Danl is really a master and I'm afraid I'm not quite up to his standard. At three feet away they match quite well, but closer inspection will show I'm not in the same league.
I used the ARMY PAINTER method on the Volunteer Jager company. Block colours and Dip then Matt Varnish / Anti-shine spray. Works a treat.

BELOW: My effort at the Volunteer Jager company in front of Danl's 2nd Nassau-Usingen Regiment
 BELOW: Some more photos of the Volunteer Jager company

ABOVE: A close up of my efforts on the Volunteer Jager company. A tad sloppy,...
The Flag is from GBM Flags, and the Volunteer Jager company are again the excellent PERRY MINIATURES.
As usual, comments are more than welcomed.


fireymonkeyboy said...

Nice work on these. The figs have a lot of character, and you've done them justice.

James Fisher, FINS said...

A fabulous looking unit and fine painting

Dan said...

Looking good Scott, very nice basing.