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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Scots Greys!

 Hi All
I've finally finished basing my PERRY MINIATURES Scots Greys.
I know this Regiment wore covers over their caps at Waterloo, but I wish the Perry's had sculpt them with covers off. They would look so much cooler I think.
All the same, they are nice miniatures and up to the Perry's usual very high standards.
I'm not to happy with my effort at painting a Regiment of Grey horses, but they will just have to do 'cause there is no way I'm repainting them.

 ABOVE: A poor dead French infantryman gets trampled under hoof.
BELOW: Bugler and Officer.

I will be using these guys to play both LASALLE and FoG:N.
The bases are 50mm square.
Comments most welcomed.


Phil said...

It's always a pleasure to look at this wonderful unit! Great work...and poor wounded (dead?) french...

Rosbif said...

Lovely! Just the thing to recreate the famous Waterloo charge!

Jonathan said...

I really like what you have done. Very inspirational... I am tempted more and more to begin a Napoleonic project when I see work like this. Keep it up!

Doug said...

Very nice mate. My father's old regiment. I only wish the bases were bigger so the line was more staggered, and the Perrys did more animated horses (rearing, sinking etc as per Lady Butler) - but you did a top job with these figures.