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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Man with HUGE Chopper!

Hi Guys
I thought I'd upload a photo from my first Dux Britanniarum game.
My 'Champion' wades into a Sub-Roman British Shieldwall.
He kinda looks like Derren Hintch (see below)
Anyway, all I can say is DUX BRITANNIARUM is a cracking good game.
Our first game an we got heaps wrong, but we can see already that the lads at TFL have kicked another goal.
I'll be playing another game this weekend and hopefully I'll post an AAR.
Oh, and yes I'm using mostly Gauls in my raiding force (I have not painted up all of my SAXONS just yet).


Bluewillow said...

shame , shame, shame......LOL

looking good mate


Rosbif said...

The Human Headline!