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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Marshal Ney at Waterloo

 Hi Guys
3rd post today.
This time my "Marshal Ney and ADCs".
Again, PERRY MINIATURES, Ney and staff mounted at the gallop (includes Marshal Ney, ADC Colonel Heymes and ADC Levavasseur).
BELOW: Marshal Ney and one of his ADC, Colonel Heymes.

 BELOW: Our intrepid three heading off towards the British, German and Dutch Belgian squares!

 Above and Below: ADC Levavasseur.
Comments welcomed.


Mike said...

Superb job painting these great figures. It's fun to personalize not only the commanders but their ADC's as well.

DeanM said...

Very nice piece. Love the look of urgency and movement. Best, Dean

Phil said...

Wonderful looking figures!