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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Royal Artillery Officer and a Romano-British Lord.

ABOVE: "I say, double shot lads! Boney is coming on in the usual manner"!!!
 Hi Guys
I've finish two 'Characters'. The first is a Royal artillery Officer for my Napoleonic British army for 1815. He's one of three mounted officers from PERRY MINIATURES 'Battery Commander's' set.
 I'll use this chap for LASALLE, FoG:N and SHARP PRACTICE games.
 As you can see the PERRY's have produced another cracking good miniature here.

 The other fellow is a Romano-British 'Lord' I'll be using in my Dux Britanniarium 'British' force.
I think he's either a Gripping Beast miniature or maybe a ESSEX miniature. Not sure,... He is nice though and just right for the period. I painted both using the Army Painter method with a bit of 'extra love' to bring out a bit more detail.
Dux Britanniarium is a new set of rules from the chaps at Too Fat Lardies and an excellent set of Skirmish rules they are. I HIGHLY recommend them. I've played two games thus far. One was a practice game and the second one is the first game in a 'campaign' I'm playing with my usual gaming buddy, Stan.
I'm playing the Saxon's, which I'm finding quite the challange. Roman 'Shieldwalls' are well hard.

Comments welcomed.


Barry Lee said...

The Roman vary an Ida Foundry figure from their Arthurian range. Lovely paintwork !

Schrumpfkopf said...

I very much like the mounted officer on recon. Great painting on both miniatures.

David Cooke said...

Great job on both these minis! Sort of come for the Artillery Officer and stay for the Romano-British Lord!

Cyrus said...

Excellent brushwork!