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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dutch Belgian Artillery

ABOVE. The Infantry officer arrives with fresh orders.
 Hi Guys
Time for another update. I've added artillery of the 'Horse' type to my growing Dutch Belgian forces for 1815.
These are the very nice PERRY MINIATURES Dutch Belgian Horse Artillery firing their 6 Pounders.
 I've based them on 50mm X 100mm bases. I've based them for Lasalle, but I can also use them for FoG:N.
 My only gripe with these miniatures is the Perry's only did them in a 'Firing' pose. Most of the other Perry artillery sets come in 'FIRING' and 'LOADING' poses and some even have 'RUNNING UP'.
I'm a Gunner by trade, so really like to have a mix of poses for my Artillery sets.
All the same, these are very nice miniatures.
 I added an Infantry officer arriving with orders for the Battery. You can see him to the rear of the central gun, orders in hand.
As usual. All comments are welcomed.


Rodger said...

Great figures and wonderful painting! Really like the basing too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, were these figures bought pre-painted ? The shoulder boards for the crew should be red and the cross belts white