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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Cuirassiers!

 ABOVE: "CHARGE"! The command element of the 7th Cuirassiers.
I've uploaded some more photos of my two Regiments of Cuirassiers I've based thus far.
the 1st (a 6 base 'Large' unit) and the 7th, (a 'Small unit of 4 bases).
I'll use these lads for gaming  LASALLE, but they can also be used for FoG:N.
 ABOVE: "Merde"! The 1st take some cannister fire. Ouch!
BELOW: The 7th Regiment with  Lt General Edouard Jean Baptiste MILHAUD leading.
 BELOW: The command base for the 1st Regiment, also know in 1815 as 'Cuirassiers du Roi'
Both Regiments were from the IVème Corps de Cavalerie - 13ème Division de Cavalerie in 1815 but the 1st was in the 1st Brigade and the 7th was in the 2nd Brigade.
 Above and Below:  Both Regiments mass for the charge.

All are PERRY Miniatures. Some plastics and some metal.
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Phil said...

Very nice ! The last picture is amazing!

Trailape said...

Hi Phil
Thanks for the kind words.