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Monday, August 31, 2009

More FPGA MEGA GAME '09 pictures

Above: Prussians and French go Toe To Toe. Just one of the battles that was fough as troops march "to the sound of the guns at Dresden"
Below: A picture of one of the two Italian Brigades that fought like lions!

Hi All
Here are some more pictures of the FPGA Mega Game, (see previous post).
Below: The initial deployment as seen from the French left flank at Dresden
Below: Another picture of the Italian counter-attack at Dresden
Below: The Young Guard attack "upity Austrians" en-route to Dresden.
The relief of Dresden in the face of the Russian Guard Cavalry.


Anonymous said...

My dad was there....

christot said...

Like the inserts (done in MS paint?)
An idea I might just have to steal for my own blog.

Trailape said...

Hi chistot
Correct, inserts were done use the "add text" function in MS Paint.