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Thursday, August 13, 2009

More of "The Gunners" work!

Above and below: Regiment Prinz Paul. Painted by Dan Dunbar, Based by me. Bases from LITKO.

Above: The Wurtemberg troops prepare to defend the town!
Hi All
Here are some more pictures of the WURTEMBURGERS that "The Gunner" (of "Gunners Wargaming" Blog) painted for me, (I can claim however I did the basing).
Dan's ("The Gunner") work is really something to behold. Unfortunatly these pictures don't do his work justice. I'm happy to annonce however that a picture of one of the units he painted for me will feature in Sam Mustafa's soon to be released rules, "Lasalle", (part of the "HONOUR" system). All the miniatures pictured here are the magnificent AB MINIATURES, availble from Eureka Miniatures here in Australia.
BELOW: Wurtemburg Light Infantry

BELOW: Wurtemberg Gunners deploy their guns in support of the Light infantry .

The pointy end of "the Gods of War"

Dan has inspired me to have a go at 18mm figures again, (in spite of the fact my eye's are not what they use to be).
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