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Friday, August 14, 2009

AB and Fantassin Miniatures Spanish Militia

Hi All
Inspired by my friend Dan's sterling work in painting my Wurtemburg, Saxon, Westphalian and Bavarian troops, I thought I'd have a crack at painting some Spanish Militia.
BTW, check out Dan's work at his Blog: Gunner's Wargaming
So I ordered the figures and decided to hook in. Too easy, no real study required, (after all, they are militia, and Spanish at that), so I just painted them what ever colours took my fancy, (SHOCK, HORROR; I can just imagine the anal retentive crying in their Osprey's now).
Also, if I made a real arse of it, who cares, they are Militia after all,.... didn't I already say that.

All the miniatures are 18mm AB or Fantassin Miniatures. The fantassin figs I purchased via SCALE CREEP, (who, BTW provide OUTSTANDING customer care and service)
The AB MINIATURES I purchased from EUREKA Miniatures here in Australia, who also are a fantastic business to do erm, um business with.
Above: The brave Spanish Militia of unknown origins marches out of the sleepy village, bent on revenge against the vile French.
Below: The cowardly and murderous Spanish Militia feebly attempt to hold back the valiant French!

Bases are from LITKO. Flags are the free Spanish download types from warflag.
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1 comment:

Dan said...

Hi Scott

Great job, good choice in colour for the militia too, I think, they could possibly have been issue some red coats by the Brits, nice job on the Victrix too, well done.