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Monday, August 31, 2009

MEGA GAME 2009! The 1813 Dresden Campaign the FPGA way,..

Above: 1st Westphalian Hussars! Coool, I have this Regiment myself, so it was interesting to see someone else trot this regiment out.

Last Sunday was MEGA GAME '09. Organised by Mike Parker, (of Battle Field Accessories), about 20 or so Napoleonic gamers gathered at a windy Mornigton Secondary College to play a mini campaign using Sam Mustafa's (slightly modified) Fast Play Grande Armee (FPGA) rules.
The Game setup consisted two teams, (French and Allies), of about 10 player's each. The campaign was played by having several table set up in a hall at the college with each player commanding a Corp, and one player on each side acting as overall Commander In Chief, (CinC). Players comunicated by hastily scribbled notes being passed to ADC's (read Nic Robson of EUREKA MINIATURES) who would carry the note to the appropriate fellow Marshal / General or CinC.Players and their Corps would attempt to move from table to table during "STRATIGIC MOVE PHASES". I say attempt, because a die roll was required to leave a table.
Also, enemy Corps might also end up on a table with you, resulting in a battle.
To add to the Fog Of War, each play was also given a "Blind", (or Blank) Card to move around also.
I won't go into too much detail about the Game, but in a nut shell, The French held the main objective, (Dresden) with St Cyr's Corp. This drew in most of the Allied, (Austrian's Russians and Prussians). The French then tried to get as many of their corps their in an attempt to crush the enemy in detail. It was a close run thing, with St Cyr holding out all day and two French Corps and the Imperial Guard arriving just in time to give the Austrians and Russians a real "roughing up".
The final result was a Victory to the French, but with the allies fit enough to fight another day. A lot like to actual Historical battle really!
Enjoy the pictures.
Below: 1st Westphalian Hussars on the large FPGA Base.

Below: Marshal Mortier, (played by me on the day); BRAVO!

Below: My first action of the day. As I tried to move my Imperial Guard Corp from one table (Maize), to Dresden, a small Korp from the Austrian camp decided they were feeling "well hard". They put up a good fight, with both Corps losing a Brigade, but the Austrians were driven off, and the Guard continued on the the relief of Dresden, force marching part of the way to arrive just in time.

Below:The initial deployments around Dresden. St Cyr's Corp on the left and the Austrian Korp on the right.Between the Walled fields and Dresden you can see the two Italian Brigades who performed heroics by driving in the Austrian center when it looked as the Austrians would sweep away all before them.
Below: The Austrian Korp Commander urges his men on with screams of "Vowarts"! (that's "Forward" in english).

Above: The enthusiastic French and Italian defenders of the walled fields on St Cyr's left prepare to defend their real estate.
Below: The City of Dresden's Garrison have taken some hits, but refuse to budge. Today they must be stubborn!

Above: The Austrians attack and secure the walled fields on St Cyr's left flank

Above: The Austrians drive in St Cyr's left flank and occupy the walled fields, but in the center two Italian Brigades have driven back the enemy with cry's of "Vive Le Emperor" and "Spagetti For Everyone"!!!

Above: Napoleon arrives just around the same time as his Imperial Guard; "Hmmmm,.. If Marshal St Cyr can hold on a little longer we'll yet have victory"

Above: The Russians arrive on the scene. In the distance we can see Dresden. The garrison still holding on.

Below:The Imperial guard and another French Corp arrives!
The Russian Guard Cavalry Korp arrived and launched themselves at the Imperial Guard. The Middle Guard occupies the small town in the center of the far right table, (it's just in picture on the far right of this photo), as the Old Guard moves up to the right, (out of picture unfortunatly).

The honours were shared as the Russian Heavy Cavalry crashed into the Young Guard; with two Russian Cavalry Brigades quicky destroyed, but with the Russian Guard Cavilliers riding "rough shod" over TWO Young Guard Infanrty Brigades, (you can see the dashing distructive Russian horsemen standing where a YG BDE use to be on the half right flank). The Old Guard Grenadiers and Chasseurs however made short work of three Brigades of Russian Cavalry that destroyed themselves on the solid walls of the OG squares.
Dresden is saved!
All miniatures and terrain belong to Mike and friend.

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