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Friday, August 14, 2009

The 44th Regt of Foot. Miniatures by VICTRIX

Above: The King's Colour and Regimental Colour of the 44th Regt of Foot.
Hi All
Well, I finally got around to painting some of the 500 plus VICTRIX British Peninsular miniatures I have sitting in boxes. I decided I'd have a crack at doing the 44th Regt of foot. Why the 44th? Simply because I hade their flag handy. The flags I used are actually one set of the flags that comes with the PERRY Plastic British, (the VICTRIX ones are a real tight fit on the staffs provided).
Anyway, not a bad first effort at Plastics. I did go a bit to far with the ink wash I think. I also need to touch up the trim on the Colours (flags), and paint in the Brass butt plates on the Brown Bess'.
I've based the bulk on 40mm square bases, with the flank coys soldiers on individual 20mm Square bases, (as I intend on using my 28mm Napoleonics to play Too Fat Lardies rules: SHARP PRACTICE).
I did place the Regimental Colour party on two 40 x 20 mm bases, just by way of an experiment.

Above and below: The Colour Parties with the KING's Colour (Union Flag), and REGIMENTAL Colour (Yellow). The Flags are from the Perry Plastic British Infantry box set

I also did a bit of "mix and match" with some heads and arms from the PERRY PLASTICS. I think this demonstrates the two makes are compatable.
The 44th seen here is composed of 8 bases of 4 figs each, (that's 32 figures total). 4 Grenadiers and 4 light Company figs, (and as I stated earlier, these "Flank" Company soldiers are based individually). I was temped to base the Colour Party troops individually also; and still might with subsequent Regiments.

Over all, I really like the VICTRIX miniatures. I only wish I was a skillfull enough painter to do them justice. I've asked my mate Dan, (of GUNNER'S WARGAMING blog) to do my Highlanders, (tartan is beyond my feeble abilities).
Only about 1000 Brits and French left to paint!
Please feel free to leave any comments.
Trailape OUT!


JAM said...

I feel they have come out very well.

The only minor criticism I have is that I would of cut down the bases a bit more or built up the terrain material. The bases on Victrix are enormous and they are a bit obvious on the bases where the leading edge is with the edge of the base,

Great job,


Trailape said...

Hi Jam
Fair comment; but I wanted to skimp on the basing material,...
That's my excuse for now anyway.

JAM said...


You really do not have to us emore stuff, just look at these Voltiguers.


Trailape said...

Hi JAM / John
They look great!
Good job.
I'll adda link to your blog!

JAM said...



Author said...


They look great; I think a nice light dip would REALLY make them pop... it does GREAT things with red!

Good job!