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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trojan War Notables

 Hi All
I thought I'd share some photos of some of my Trojan War 'notables'. All the miniatures were painted by 'Gunner Dunbar'. They are all either Wargames Foundry or Redoubt Enterprise miniatures.
I've based these individually as I think I'll use them for some kind of variation on Two Fat Lardies Dux Britanniarum rules.
 BELOW: Paris comes a cropper,... thank goodnes for dodgy chinstraps. (For those that don't know the story, Paris comes off second best in a duel with the King of Sparta, but his chinstrap on his helmet 'snaps' and he's able to do a runner back to brother Hector)
 BELOW: King Piram of Troy and Helen of Troy, (late of Sparta).
 BELOW: Piram, Helen Hector and Hector's Chariot Runner, (who shall remain nameless for now).
The Foundry miniatures are really nice but OUTRAGOUSLY expensive for an historical 28mm miniature. The Redoubt Enterprise miniatures are also very nice.
Comments Welcomed.


Phil R said...

Wonderful figures, Paris and Hector are really Helen!

James Fisher, FINS said...

Great looking characters. I am not sure aboutbHelen though. I thought thst she was sposed to be "the most beautiful woman in the world"; clearly it's in the eye of the beholder—and this beholder likes blow-up dolls?!

Trailape said...

Helen is a pretty nice figure for a 28mm sculpt. She certainly has a craker of a figure,..

DeanM said...

Really nice work, Trail. I have a soft spot for this period. I understand that there is an unofficial SAGA board for theses. Best, Dean

Trailape said...

Hi Dean.
I might need to try and track them down. Thanks for the tip.

BigRedBat said...

Very nice painting!

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very nice

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