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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Front Rank Bavarians & a Eureka Hussar

 Hi Guys
I recently picked up six painted FRONT RANK Barvarin Light Infantry up on EBAY. A quick re-base and they are ready for a game of SHARP PRACTICE (SP) or maybe SONG OF DRUMS AND SHAKOS (SDS).

 I also finally got around to painting a EUREKA MINIATURES dismounted Hussar. He's not painted to represent any particular regiment, just a bit of fun really. He's a nice miniature I think.
 I'll call him Captain Fleshman! I'm sure he'll make his way into a few SP games.
As usual comments are welcomed.
Cheers for now.


warpaintjj said...

I could do with a glass like that right now, infact it's a goblet! Good looking new models especially those Bavarian skirmishers, infact that's all I have left to do for my Bavarian brigade - some skirmishers and light infantry.
Best wishes

Rodger said...

Those Bavarians are wonderful. Good buying!!

Giles said...

That's a lovely figure, beautifully painted too. Eureka do lots of very individual pieces, but they're so hard to find in the catalogue. This bloke would make a nice addition to a Lauzun Hussars command stand.

Best wishes


James Fisher, FINS said...

Great painting. I particularly like the "freshman"!

owen68 said...

What do you think of SP2?