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Friday, December 14, 2012

M777A2: Into Service- Into Action Print.

Well now I'm just showing off, but I recently posted out of my unit the School of Artillery.
The CO and I had our farewell from the School today and were invited up to the Soldier's Club to say farewell.
I was very pleasantly surprised to be presented with a farewell gift from the Soldiers and Junior Non Commissioned Officers.
 I was presented with a wonderful framed print of the M777A2 155mm Gun we've recently introduced into service. It also came with a Certificate of Authenticity.
The original painting hangs in the School of Artillery Instructional Block and was painted by the very talented Barry Spicer.

 This print now proudly hangs on the wall of my study.
I was gobsmacked to get this farewell gift.
The soldiers at the School of Artillery really are a great bunch.


Barks said...

Very nice, happy postings!

Dux Homunculorum said...

Congratulations mate - that's a damn fine gift.

Doug said...

Well done mate, that's a very fine farewell gift, and says a lot about the respect you were held in.