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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SAXON WARBAND: for Dux Britanniarum

ABOVE: A relaxed Saxon Lord (Eureka Miniatures 'Beowulf' Character)
Hi All
Well I've been busy. I always get busy after discovering a new set of rules from the guys at Too Fat Lardies.
This time I've been working on my Saxon Warband for TFL's Dux Britanniarum rules. The rules aim at simulating (or gaming) the situation as it stood in England after the departure of the Romans when the struggle for control of the island was between the Romano British ('Romanised' Brits) and the 'Raiders' / invaders from acros the sea, (in my case the Saxons).
To build my Warband I've used a mix of EUREKA MINIATURES and FOUNDRY MINIATURES. There is also a couple of BLACK TREE DESIGN (BTD) Miniatures included.
I used the EUREKA Minis to provide my 'BIG MEN' (Characters such as the 'Lord' and his two trusty subordinates / Nobles. The Beowulf Collection has some cracking good figs, and you an see they come in both 'Casual and attacking poses. Consequently I've painted doubles of my Lord, Nobles and Champion.
BELOW: A not so relaxed Saxon Lord (Eureka Miniatures 'Beowulf' Character). He means business!

 ABOVE AND BELOW: My 1st Saxon Noble in both relaxed and attacking poses. He kind of reminds me of the Saxon Lord / Chief from the move King Arthur

 ABOVE and BELOW: Saxon Noble number 2. Again relaxed (above) and attacking (below).

 ABOVE and BELOW: My Champion! Ok, he's a bit out of shape, but he's a scraper.

 ABOVE and BELOW: The 'Command Team in both casual and Attack poses.

 Next we have some photos of the Saxon Hearth Guard. These two bases of six miniatures each are my 'Elite'. about a 50-50 split of both Eureka and Foundry miniatures. They mix rather well.

 Finally here are some photos of my 'Warriors. Three bases of six miniatures each. You'll notice one base can accommodate 8 miniatures. This base is the one that I would use for a group of 6 miniatures and The Lord and his Champion (totalling 8 miniatures).

 These guys are almost all Foundry, but there are two BTD and a Eureka Miniature in amougst them.

I should add I painted them thus:

Start by undercoating in Matt black. Make sure the miniatures are completely covered, (this is important).

Dry Brush 'silver' on those minis in Chain-mail

Now block colours are applied, including ‘Dark Flesh Tone’ to skin areas, Reds, Greens, Off Whites, Greys and Tans and 'British Khaki' etc on clothing, and painted spears, swords and helmets etc.

I then applied a single 'Highlight'. For example a 'Lighter' shade of skin tone to the forehead, cheeks, back of hands etc. I also added some nice little 'trimmings to a few of the minis, such as the blue trim on this chaps shirt tails below.




Shields painted using method above and attached.

Bases flocked.
I wanted these guys to look like they had been campaingning / raiding for a while.

I painted these guys up very quickly, (about 4 days) using the ARMY PAINTER method. Probably took in real time about 6 hours, including basing.

Finally I've uploaded a photo of my Romano British Lord, together with two of his subordinates and his standard bearer, (nt needed in the game but a nice bit of eye candy all the same).
I'll get to work on the Romano Brits and the Saxon skirmishers (I need four) very soon.
The guys below are FOUNDRY miniatures

As usual, comments are welcomed.


Cyrus said...

Excellent Saxons!

Dux Homunculorum said...

These look great mate. I'm looking forward to a Dux Brit campaign.

Jonathan said...

That is a great post with amazing photos of beautifully painted figures... just the thing I need for inspiration! Those figures are full of character, very well done.

John de Terre Neuve said...

Great looking figures, I particularly like your Saxon champion. It looks like a great set of rules, I am just finishing off my Saxon army and hope to get the Romano-British done after Xmas. I got some nice tips from your painting.


Trailape said...

I've updated this post with details on how I painted the miniatures.