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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CALPE MINIATURES: Prussian Landwehr WIP (Part 1)

 Hi Guys
I purchased a HUGE amount of CALPE MINIATURES last year whilst I was overseas and was impressed with the quality of these 28mm miniatures. I have enough to build a Lasalle Prussian Division with a couple of supporting Brigades. I should add I've got a few Warlord Games miniatures added for some variety, though it's not really required as the variety in poses in the CALPE range means I can have a Battalion of 24 miniatures with every miniature different!!!
You might also notice the mounted PERRY MINIATURES officer. He will be an ADC, so not part of this battalion.
I thought I'd try a different technique painting these guys.
I start off with undercoating them in a matt black, (citadel in this case) and then dry brushed them with Prussian Blue paint from Vallejo.
Next I fill in the 'block colours' such as exposed flesh, white / brown on the pants and grey blanket rolls etc.
Once I've done that I'll probably dip and spray just as with the Army Painter method.
Anyway, in short they are excellent miniature and a real joy to paint (so far). These guys are right up there with the PERRY's. Maybe even better.
I'll keep you posted on their progress.
Early days, but I hope to have them painted withen a few days. A big ask as it's a busy time for family commitments. We shall see.

Comments Welcomed!


Andrew (Loki) said...

Calpe minitures are fantastic and the range as you say is exceptional. will be following the development of this force with interest.

Schrumpfkopf said...

Drybrusing calpe is like putting bacon on a blt.

It really works like a charm.

Phil R said...

Wonderful units!

John de Terre Neuve said...

Very interesting approach, I have already done a good few Calpes, but have many more, I might have to consider your approach.


Der Feldmarschall said...

Looking forward to seeing how these guys turn out. Not many Napoleonic gamers base coat with black like I do it seems, and although my initial Prussian force is made up of Perry minis, I'm looking at adding Calpe to the mix in the future.


Millsy said...

I use the same approach to undercoat and dry brush on my Front Rank SYW figs. Works a treat. Looking forward to seeing these complete...

Anonymous said...

Looking good so far... Looking forward to seeing them finished!