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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

For Inspection!

 ABOVE and BELOW: A painted example of the magnificent guillotine set that EUREKA MINIATURES has produced including 'The Angry Mob
Hi All
Well Christmas has come and gone, but not before I popped down to EUREKA MINIATURES to spend some of my Christmas budget on some lead to add to the pile.
There was some real treats to sample, so I thought I might take the opportunity to post a few photos and do some quick reviews of what I picked up.
First off lets have a look at one of the new additions to the AB MINIATURES range. This time Dutch Carabiniers of the 100 Day or Waterloo campaign of 1815.
As usual these are magnificent sculpts by Mr A Barton, and you will find as much detail on the 18mm minis as you would expect to find on the best 28mm miniatures out there. Very little flash, and they cleaned up very quickly. The poses are excellent, being available as either charging or with swords resting drawn but at the shoulder. I purchased 12 of these chaps, and together with the Belgian Carabiniers will make up my heavy cavalry for my Prince of Orange's Corps for LASALLE or FOG-N.

Moving on to the 28mm stuff I purchased.
As usual there was just too much to chose from. Visiting Nic's shop is always fraught with financial doom, and I spent much more than I intended.


I couldn't resist this little gem:

As you can see it's a lovely little sculpt of a pretty young lady stepping out of a bath tub. You actually get a bath tub just for the little lady or one with ummm, some chap with a hat. You could easily paint up both, and she could comfortable transition from one tub to the other without any trouble fitting snugly in both. I can see her being the subject of many a 'rescue' playing a skirmish game of either Sharp PracticeSong of Drums and Shakos or Terrible Sharp Sword. She is a delightful miniature. Very feminine and with a very pretty face. Posed in the process of wrapping a towel around herself.

Now, I needed 4 'Saxon Archers' to complete my Dux Brit army, and Nic had these chaps available. Perfect I think and full of character. Sculpting and poses are excellent. Almost no flash to speak of.
The highlight of my visit however must be the magnificent guillotine set that EUREKA MINIATURES has produced.
UPDATE:  I've headed this post with a painted example that Nic was showing off at CANCON 2013. Please note! I DID NOT PAINT THIS SET. This set was on display at the EUREKA MINIATURES stand at CANCON. I believe Kosta Heristanidis painted this particular set.
This is a BIG set. It comes complete with 21 Miniatures, (counting the 'Father and Son' combo and 'Two Headless Victims' together as 4 miniatures) and the guillotine itself. You also get a basket and some heads (which I somehow didn't collect). Nic, if you read this I'll need to pick up the heads. A guillotine without a bunch of heads is like Hotcakes without syrup
 ABOVE: A great day out for the whole family.
 ABOVE: Step right up, everyone's a winner. You're sure to get ahead,.. get it? GET A HEAD! Boom Boom; I'm here all revolution. Try the veal.
 ABOVE: The next vitim for the razor. "Here my lady, let me trim your locks".
BELOW: Ya Boooo Hissss! Anyone want a ripe apple of some stale bread?
 The sculpting of these miniatures is as good as any I've ever seen. the facial expressions are excellent and posing brilliant. I love the chap inviting a victim to climb the stares to the blade, and the 'rowdy crowd' really do look the part. I'll base the miniatures individually, as the soldiers will have additional use as sentries in any number of games, and the prisoners will need rescuing not only from the guillotine but also Spanish Bandits or Russian Cossacks, (to name but a couple).
 ABOVE and BELOW: The Army is present to lend a hand and maintain order.
 BELOW: "OFF WITH 'Er HEAD"!! a view of the victim and her 'assistant' from a different angle.
 BELOW: The guillotine.
The actual guillotine itself is a very nice model, and fits together quite neatly. There was very little flash to speak of, and assembly is rather straight forward. I've pictured mine with the support post assembled separate to the actual 'stage', but you should get the idea.

 BELOW: A empty basket. Soon to be rectified.
 I understand that EUREKA MINIATURES will also be producing a cart (with extra 'victims"?) to compliment the guillotine set.
I also picked up a couple of Comic Like Lace War miniatures (see below).
Why not.
Just the thing for an Imagi-Nation. I only purchased two, but I'm thinking of increasing them to a unit of 16 and building a Battalion of the silly chaps.
 Finally I thought I'd take to opportunity to compare side by side EUREKA Miniatures Vivandiere set with WARLORD GAMES (WLG) offering.
Well, EUREKA's offering comes with a nice little cart and mule / donkey. WLG's comes with a donkey that is loaded with all manner of kit.
EUREKA's Lass stands rather casually with a barrel of Brandy or Rum, (who knows?) and wears a 'Bonnet Police' on her pretty head. She has a rather pleasant face and looks like she is waiting 'in the rear with the gear'.
As for WLGs gal. Well the model comes with two heads and two arms for you to choose from; one carrying a bottle of brandy and the other a pistol.  She's in full flight, dashing off to lift the troop's spirits. I've gone with the bottle of booze rather than the pistol. Both are nice models and I'm not sure which I prefer at this point. I feel EUREKA's looks 'prettier' but I do like the WLG donkey. Good news is they do compliment each other quite well, and I plan to have them working as some kind of 'front line supermarket', with the EUREKA Lass holding the fort as the WLG girl goes dashing off to be of some ummm,.. assistance.
Once painted I'll be able to make a call on which one I prefer.
Anyway, that' enough for now.
I did also pick up a 'Surgical Strike' team for modern gaming, and some Jazz band members and some 1920's style 'Charleston' dancers'.  I just know some gangsters (or Zombies) will spoil the dance!!
Cheers for now.
Comments Welcomed!!!


Schrumpfkopf said...

Thank you for the review, I quite like both vivandiere sets.

Anonymous said...

I like the Eureka girl as she can provide may uses.

Thanks for your report Scott.



Trailape said...

Happy to be of some assistance. I can't recommend Eureka Miniatures highly enough. Outstanding service is what brings me back, and the little gems like those above.

DadExtraordinaire aka Marcus Maximus said...

Great review Trailape - and now I'm very tempted by the Revolutionary set, full of atmosphere. I would have never thought to purchase if it wasn't for your great review many thanks for your time on the review and for sharing.

Trailape said...

Hi Marcus Max
Glad to be of assistance.
I've just started painted the set.
It looks great.
Happy New Year

Sid said...

Those are great looking figures, thanks for the reviews.