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Monday, October 10, 2011

Prussians and French in the 100 Days. A Lasalle AAR

ABOVE: The cavalry battle on the right flank about to erupt.

Hi all

I played my first game of Lasalle after returning home from Afghanistan yesterday. My mate Stan came round with his 100 Days Campaign Prussians, so I thought I'd use 100 Days French. Last time we played I had used a Young Guard organisation and had been successful and the time before that Liberation War French infantry (with a sea of conscripts) had again got the better of 'Jerry'.

So far the score was 2-0 to the French over Stan's Prussians, so I was confident the Emperor would recieve another report of another heroic victory! BRAVO!!!

So as core units go I had 6 Vetern Infantry and a battery of artillery


Stan's 3 Landwehr, 3 Reserve Infantry, 2 regular Musketeers Battalions, two detachments of Jager 'skirmishers, a Foot battery and a Landwehr Lancer Regiment.

As it turned out, Stan didn't field a reserve battalion or a Landwehr battalion.

Would he come to regret their absence??? Only time would tell.
Stan's Prussians would be the attacker in this game after rolling a 6 to my 1, (a bad omen?).

The table was based on the Lasalle Map generator number 4, "The Chateau and the Town".

As defender I placed a ploughed field and an orchard. Stan then placed a marsh. I was hoping the field and orchard would go some way in channeling the Prussians into a killing ground in front of the objective. I assumed Stan just liked to have a Marsh near by to water his horses in,...

I picked as my support option the Light Cavalry Brigade. Two Hussar and two Chasseur a Cheval units and a Horse Artillery battery would provide enough mounted to cancel out most of Stan's advantage in mounted. Stan also selected a Light Cavalry support option.

I massed my Light cavalry Brigade on the right, and placed half my infantry on the left flank. My last 3 battalions were in march column so as to move quickly towards the objective, namely the Chateau.

BELOW: The Prussian Infantry commence their advance and are greeted by Napoleon's daughters, BOOM!

BELOW: French Hussars and Chasseurs of the Light Cavalry Brigade moments befor they crash into the Prussian cavalry.

The Battle commenced with both Cavalry Brigades advancing on each other. I was confident my lads would have the better of the contest, but it wasn't to be. Initially it went well, with both Landwehr cavalry units destroyed within 2 rounds of combat, but after that it went badly or the French, with the Prussian Dragoons knocking over both the 5th Hussars and then my reserve Chasseurs a Cheval. The 6th Hussars eventually were destroyed by the Prussian Hussars 'though the Prussian Hussars did sustained 3 distruption.

ABOVE: As the Cavalry prepare to engage each other on the right flank, the Prussian Infantry advance on the French center and the Objective, the Chateau.
BELOW: The 5th Hussars clash with Prussian Dragoons (near camera) after destroying a Landwehr Lancer Regiment. In the centre the 6th Hussars continue to melee with the Prussian Hussars. In the distance the Chasseur a Cheval hack into Prussian landwehr lancers for a second round of combat.

BELOW: Veteran French Infantry prepare to meet the advancing Prussians

As the French Cavalry routed on the right flank, the Prussin infantry advanced in the center. The Prussians on the left of the attack took a pounding from the Battery and infantry, with on reserve battalion being destroyed. But the lead Landwehr pushed on and turned out to be 'Valiant'.

The situation was now desperate. With my right flank smashed I need the Prussian infantry to destroy themselves on my infantry line and within the 'killing ground' in front of the objective.
BELOW: French Artillery pound the advancing Prussian infantry
BELOW: The last of the French cavalry go down fighting the Prussian Hussars and Dragoons.

When the lead Prussian Reserve Battalion was routed, it gave me a glimmer of hope. If I could swing in my infantry onto the advancing Prussian's flank all might yet be saved.

BELOW: A battalion of French Light Infantry advance off the hill after routing a Prussian Reserve battalion. The 'Valiant' landwehr crash into the French Line battalion posted on the left of the Chateau.

Unfortunatly for me, the valiant Landwehr smashed through my line battalion, and continued into my battalion posted in reserve and routed them also. This was all too much for my boys, and the cries of "Save yourself" were soon heard amongst the clatter of dropped muskets and stamp of running boots.

BELOW: The Prussian heros of the day. Valient Landwehr. The crashed through two French battalions and ruptured my center!

Another great game of Lasalle.

Most of the miniatures are AB miniatures. Stans Prussians were pained for the most part be FERNANDO ENTERPRISE with the Commanders and Skirmish bases painted by me.

Model Citizen Miniatures painted my Cavalry and about half my infantry. I painted the Artillery and the French infantry in the center, (wearing greatcoats and dying in droves).

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yorkie said...

Great AAR, cheers for sharing that.

My own naps are in transit to me as i write, so hopefully my own Naps project will be underway soon. Mind you im off to Afghanistan soon too...So will maybe have to wait till i get back.


Bluewillow said...

nice report Scott, great to see your got back ok!


Bluewillow said...

nice report Scott, great to see your got back ok!


Ray Rousell said...

Great batrep! you've some very nice looking figures!!

John de Terre Neuve said...

Nice game and terrain, very nice to see you back.


Trailape said...

Hi Guys
Yep, back in one piece and no dramas. I really missed gaming for the 7 mths I was away.

Yorkie \ Steve
Take care mate.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Welcome back and great pics and report!


Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Great looking game and very good AAR!

Sgt Steiner said...

Great AAR and good to the Prussians getting stuck in (I love the Landwehr Unpredictability roll in Lasalle)

Anonymous said...

Prussians get the newspaper headlines...Landwehr all the way. Sharp AAR.
French revenge planned?
M (aka WR)

Trailape said...

Revenge planned?
The more I play Lasalle the more I like the rules. Every time I think something's not right I see it's more to do with me not knowing the rules well enough rather than any actual flaw in the rules.

Mycenius said...

Just catching up on things Scott - great batrep (AAR) and go the mighty Landwehr! I think those 1815 Prussian's are a bit of a secret weapon given Lintman's success in a tournament recently here in NZ! The poor Prussian Infantry look like they had one firer swept plain to tramp across...

Mike said...

Great report of a very good looking game.
Welcome back and well done