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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tatty Highlanders

 Hi All
I'm promised on the TMP I'd upload photos of the Highlanders that GUNNER DUNBAR painted for me a while back and I've finally got around to getting them uploaded.
They two units are the 42nd and 79th Highlanders, ('Black Watch' and 'Camarons'). The miniatures are a mixe of VICTRIX and PERRY plastics, with some VICTRIX metals, (the Mounted officers and the charging Pioneer).
For those who claim you can't or shouldn't mix the Perry and Victrix figures, I think this shows they mix rather well. The Figures are based on 50mm x 40mm bases for LASALLE rules, (my perfered rules).
I'll add a few single mounted Characters also, and use them for SHARP PRACTICE.
The Skirmish bases are 45mm wide x 40mm deep with two figures indicating a Skirmish value of 2 (SK2).

 Danl (Gunner Dunbar) wanted to do these two units looking rather 'battered' after some tough campaigning and given they are destined for my Peninsular War British I thought it would be a good idea. Besides, when Danl has an 'idea' you know it's going to be good.
 As you can see these Lads have had a lot of modifications done and they really look 'Tatty'. Only the Officers and musicians look 'Regimental' with the rank and file looking rather 'worse for wear'.

 I just completed the basing and I hope I've done Danl's fine brush work and sculpting justice.

 BELOW: The 'Black Watch' from behind.

 BELOW: A VICTRIX metal mounted Colonel.
 BELOW: A Close up of the 42nd Skirmish base.
 BELOW: A close up of the 79th Skirmish base.

 BELOW: Hamish takes a ball to the chest: "OCH!!! Such is life,.."!
 BELOW: Captain Jimmy MacDoogla and Drummer Jock McPlop stagger under the Frenchie's skirmish fire: "Hoots Mon, but it's gettin hot"! 

 BELOW: The VICTRIX metal Pioneer seen charging!
BELOW: "The line will advance"!
The next Highlanders I'll get done, (hopefully by Danl again) will be for the 100 Days, so they will be more 'Regimental' in appearance. Gordons and hmmm,... not sure.
Please feel free to leave a comment.

Trailape Out!


Ubique said...

Poor old Jock McPlop! Great figures and fantastic paint job. Looking forward to seeing more Highlanders.


Dan said...

Hi Scott

Great job on the bases, not only the ground work, but the layout of the figs, tells a story nicely.


John de Terre Neuve said...

Great job, well done

Mike said...

What a couple of outstanding units. So much character in them.
Did you make the field that appears in the first few photos?

ColCampbell50 said...

As my moniker implies, I always love to see well painted and based Highlanders!!

And it is the Cameron (or Cameronian) Highlanders.

Ray Rousell said...

A fantastic job!!!

Trailape said...

Thanks all.
Spelling (typing) error fixed.

Rosbif said...

I've been admiring the progress on these chaps on Dan's blog, too.

Good to see them based and ready.

Doug said...

As a Scot, I can confirm I have never heard anyone Scottish say 'Hoots' .. oh well.

Trailape said...

Don't feel to bad Doug, as an Aussie I've never heard any one say. "Crickey, fair suck of the sav,."! I'll try and keep my "hooting" to a minimum.

DeanM said...

Really fantastic painting & variety. Superb! Dean

Docsmith said...

Blimey Scotty - they are really great lookin' Highlanders laddie - och aie! The basing has really come up well too - nice job.


Vinnie said...

They are fantastic Old Boy.

Anonymous said...

Just have to love Highlanders.......with excellent character and the love shows in the painting.

Michael aka WR