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Thursday, October 27, 2011

NAPOLEONIC WIP and some finished units.

ABOVE: Awww, Ney is feeling slightly Blue. Ok, so I'm not funny.
Hi Team
Another update.
A few days ago I showed your the 'Marchal Ney' Miniature I purchased from EUREKA Miniatures.
Well here he is thus far. Undercoated and white fur painted onto his coat and 'flesh' added. I know he is meant to have a Brownish - Grey coat based on the painting he is modelled on, but hey, he's my Ney and I like the Idea of a Blue coat, (though I might change my mind yet). I'm also working on some OLD GUARD 'Grumblers' and Marcehal de camp Cambronne, (a mix of Perry Metals and VICTRIX plastics)

BELOW: A model of Ney's REARGUARD, Retreat From Moscow. As yu can see, no Blue coat for Ney here,... I have no idea who made this model.
 Speaking of VICTRIX, I've finished a VICTRIX 'Metal' British Colonel. Very basic stuff. Block colours and then 'Dip'n'Spray'. TADAAAAA!! One Brit Colonel.
 I've also based a swag of AB napoleionics that my good mate 'Gunner Dunbar' painted for me.
You can check out Danl's AWESOME work HERE
They are as follows:
BELOW: Rocket Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (RHA).

 BELOW:10th Hussars, and the 15th Hussars 1815.

 I also been painting myself. Here is my General Picton and Allied officer. Picton is from FANTASSIN, and the other chap is an AB Miniature.

 I've also completed a French Old Guard Horse Artillery battery for my LASALLE collection.

 Danl 'Gunner Dunbar' also painted a swag of AB Miniatures 18mm French Light Cavalry casualties for me. As you can see he's done a rather good job of them.

 Finally here is some more of my work. Two battalions of French Line Infantry for my LASALLE '1806' (Conquest Period) French .

 A slightly different approach with hese guys, insofar as I've used a wash rather than a dip.
That's all for now. I must get ready for a DBA tournament I'm playing in tonight.
Oh, and as usual, Comments Welcomed.


Rosbif said...

Lovely stuff!

Are the cavalry casualties AB 18mm figs too? I've been looking to get some Newline 20mm casulaties to use with my 1/72 plastic.

Trailape said...

Yep, AB Miniatures 18mm.

Willie Anderson said...

Great work here well done!