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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi Team
Well so far I have painted about 8 'Hearthguards' as part of my SAGA project.
After spraying I've added in the 'Block Colours' (with a bit of detail as seen).
 Next I dipped in ARMY PAINTER STRONG SHADE, (see below).

BTW, the bases are covered in a rendering paint the wife picked up as part of another project,... our BBQ area 'beautification'. I comes in a massive drum. Whilst applying it to our back outside wall I thought it might be a good flocking paste. I'll provide more details on this next post.
Once these guys are dry I'll spray with the 'ARMY PAINTER ANTI-SHINE' (dullcote is similar), and paint up and attach their shields.
I'll keep you posted.
Comments Welcomed!


Mike said...

Very cool. I am interested in the next post; the texture of the bases are great.

Dan said...

looking good, what figures are they?

Trailape said...

Hi Danl
Black Tree Design. I've had them for about 10 years.
I've just posted an update on my Naps and included your work.