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Monday, September 26, 2011

OK, so who are these guys?

OK, so can anyone identify these miniatures. They are PERRY Miniatures, and they look like French Elites, but notice they have no rolls on their packs and it appears they have greatcoats rolled and across their chests. I suspect they are Nassau, but I'm at a loss,...

Can anyone help?



Salvador said...

Looks like they could be these chaps: NN12 2nd Nassau-Usingen regt.Voltigeurs advancing, high porte
But found no pictures of them, just this to compare with:
You'll see jagers and then the 2/2 Nassau-Usingen black undercoated. The figures on the low part of the picture seem to be the ones you have in your picture (just look at the shako, they're British equipped...)

Trailape said...

Hi Salvador
I tend to agree with you. I had them given to me by a friend who had ordered FN12 from the PERRYs. It looks like they put NN12 in the FN12 box. I think their equipment looks far more like French then Brit. No Brit Canteen for example. And that is a Continental / French Shako for sure. Not a Brit Stovepipe. Thanks for the info. BTW, I'll be posting some photos of some EUREKA French Reolutionary Light infantry that I just picked up shortly. Again, thanks for the assistance.

Dan said...

Hi Scott, welcome home, they look like Nassau to me.

Trailape said...

Yep. I agree Dan.
I'm sure they are the 2nd Nassau-Usingen Regt, Voltigeurs advancing, high porte, (Perry NN12). Fortunate really as I've just ordered one or two of every code in that Perry range. Nice looking Army and somewhat under-rated.

Salvador said...

Yep it's the jagers who have British like canteens. You're right their kit is more French like.
That's good that you had other references, better for you.

Trailape said...

Hi Salvador
Thanks for the comments.
You picked it first! ;o)

Docsmith said...

Nice one Scotty - Nassau voltigeurs they are - could pass for Dutchies (at a pinch...) Classic Perrys but I notice some of their metal castings have been a bit on the rough side (problems of mass production?) - the Red Lancers I got are a bit ordinary on the finish. Welcome home mate - glad to see your safe and sound.